Phantom: Covert Ops PC Review–a new evolution in strategy VR

Phantom: Covert Ops is a PC game developed by the collaboration of nDreams and Oculus Studios. It is a VR game, so it requires one of the Oculus Quest’s VR gaming setups to run. It is a first-person, action shooting game. This game was released for PC around the world on June 23, 2020.

The main villain in this VR game is Nikolai Zhurov, an old commanding officer who was left alone by his comrades to die in a battle. But he never gave up and with his left-over comrades, he created an underworld organization. He started to think of the world as his enemy so he with his comrades worked under the shadows to create this destructive organization. The strategy of this person is to destroy the whole world by releasing a huge flood that will wipe away the entire continents of continents. But this is where you enter the game.

The game puts you in the shoes of a Phantom Kayak an upper class stealthy operative organization whose task is the secret attack on a different location for achieving certain goals or objectives. But in this case, the view is of a 1991 Eastern Wetlands, The Black Sea region where you are assigned a mission to destroy an enemy base which is willing to start a war. You are assigned this deadly mission so that no war takes place. The enemy base in the black sea region is covered on all sides by water and this is your entry route into the enemy base. You must stay stealthy throughout your mission. You are fully armed with C4 explosives, detonators, assault rifles, sniper rifles, pistols, etc. Stay undercover, create distractions so that you can take out your enemies. The more the objectives you complete without any ambient voice the better it is for you.

Well, the interaction with objects is quite satisfying like aiming with the gun, putting C4 under a bridge, etc. The aiming system is very much realistic as each gun has a specified weight so your aim depends on whether you are shooting with a pistol having a silencer attached or a sniper rifle. Your gameplay throughout will be on the kayak, a military boat that is very good at camouflaging at night. All your stuff is very nicely attached in the kayak, the guns are at there places whereas C4 and other explosives at their positions. Also, the positions are quite handy so in case of a sudden attack, you can quickly grip your assault rifle and bam!!! enemy down. But if you fail to kill the guard before he reports the other guards than you are down to the count. So, it is clear, stealth is important. One unrealistic part is the reloading of the gun. The reloading of the gun is just as if you bring the mag near the gun the old mag drops and a new one pops in. You did not even touch the gun for reloading but there goes your mag. The reloading mechanism of the gun should be just like that in Half-Life: Alyx where you first enter the mag, then you reload the gun and then you fire. One other thing is the moment when you suddenly feel the need of another gun if you just drop the gun(even when you know you have dropped it in water) and pick another gun, the gun you have dropped will automatically go to the specified place in the kayak which is not professional. The game requires a strategy to play but still, the game story is not very much intact but the VR experience is pretty much amazing which conforms how the Phantom: Covert ops has claimed itself to be the Best VR game of E3 2019. The lights in the game are too sharp to see. The different levels like easy, normal, and difficult provide variance in the game. Also, there are a few sets of cheats available in the game like infinite ammo which can be used in the game after playing the carrier mode. To increase your score at a certain level you can play that level again. Your score is calculated on points like how many times you were detected, etc. Well, it has been reported many times that the enemy guards’ glitch out during the game which still needs to be updated. Hopefully, as more patches for the game will be released in the future such glitches will be taken care of.

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