Pokemon Sword and Shield:The Isle of Armor and The Crown Tundra Switch Review

Pokemon Sword and Shield: The Isle of Armor is one of the finest releases by The Pokemon Company with the joint effort of Nintendo. It is developed by the Game Freak. This game was released for Nintendo Switch on June 17, 2020. It is a part of an amazing story-based series of Pokemon history known as Pokemon Sword and Shield and it is a continuation of the tale.

It is a two series game. The first one is the Pokemon Sword and the part of this game that continues this story is The Isle of Armor. Whereas the second part is the Pokemon Shield and relatively the part accommodating the story of this portion is The Crown Tundra. This two-part game is good in the sense that those who like to play the Pokemon Sword series can continue with it whereas those who want to continue the Pokemon Shield series can also play this, further both type of users can get a glimpse of the other series which will surely build their interest in the new series as well. The actual happiness is for the third type of users who like to play both series as this helps them from paying for both the storylines differently.

You will start as a Pokemon searcher in the game who is finding new Pokemon at new locations for his own collection. You get an Armor Pass which helps you go to the Isle of Armor where you find a new intern for a dojo named Master Dojo. This student finds a girl outside quite terrifying, so he asks for your help which you accept. This girl is quite a showoff who likes bragging about her skills and seeing the coldness in your attitude she feels like you are mocking her so to take revenge she fights you and as always, the game won’t continue until you defeat her. This girl’s name is Klara. After defeating her she will try to convince you not to come to her dojo as she thinks that it is not suitable for you. But still, you are an adventurer and you cannot live without going to that dojo. This is the place where you meet the wife of the Dojo’s owner. Her name is Honey. You find the Klara and the mistress talking together about the new intern who left after fighting her. But suddenly you show up and meet Honey who greets you warmly and takes you inside the dojo where you meet the other students and the old man who is the dojo master. His name is Mustard. He asks you to fight with him and you must defeat him to continue the game. Well after this fight starts the actual game. Well, you will not like being told about the spoilers and the whole story but this is enough to make your hopes high for this game.

Well, one of the best things about this game is that it is just a DLC (Download Able Content) which is somewhat like a patch to the original game. The pros of this DLC is that you don’t need to start the game from the scratch after downloading the DLC you just have to log in to your previous account to enjoy the game from the last updated account you had. So, no need to start from a new game file just download the DLC and enjoy the update. Well this DLC for Pokemon Sword and Shield brings with it many new features. Some features are the new maps like Isle of Armor and The Crown of Tundra. The Isle of Armor is a vast wildlife area that is filled with grassy open lands and forests with wild Pokemon which you will have to face on your way to completing different tasks. There you will have a choice whether to fight it or just leave it alone and continue the task assigned to you. With all the previous Pokemon intact including the old legendry Pokemon there are two new legendry Pokemon. One is Kubfu if you are playing the Isle of Armor version and the other is the Calyrex, the mascot of The Crown of Tundra.

Well when you will play this game, you will feel that it is a huge step ahead to the storyline of the Pokemon series of Sword and Shield. You most probably will not have experienced such clarity and ease of controls in previous Pokemon versions. These updates will surely clear the way ahead, hoping that for this type of gameplay there will be a tremendous amount of increase in Pokemon fans. This is surely a milestone that The Pokemon Company will pass on by using the Nintendo Switch the road ahead. Still, it lacks a lot of features that a game should have like the old system of using narrative gameplay to tell the storyline is an old method. This method was used in old games like Street Fighter, etc. Nowadays methods like voice chatting are used to enhance the gameplay experience. Also, no one nowadays likes to read the scripts provided in the game except the tutorials because it is quite a hindrance to the original gameplay. But still, this game is quite fun and we hope to see more of it in the future in the form of The Crown of Tundra. This game has a price of $29.99(Season pass including The Crown of Tundra) concerning the features that it has. But we hope to see more from this game in the future.

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