The Academy: The First Riddle Review: a puzzle game with some vague direction

SnapBreak Games AB has released another new and boring puzzle game named The Academy: The First Riddle. This game was available for PC on June 19, 2020, and now it is also available for both iPhone and iPod. This game was developed by Pine Studio. It is a story mode game, not a multiplayer type. So, it will be a kind of one-sided game with a boring character.

The Academy: The First Riddle is supposed to be an adventure game with a third-person view. It contains a single-player gaming mode and somewhat slack 3-D graphics. This game is containing a lot of ideas from Harry Potter & some other 3-D games. The Academy is a place where brilliant minds come for learning about different things. You are also one of them. In this game, you have been shown as the spark to that blown off candle which needs to be burnt for the school to be safe from darkness and this darkness starts to fall on the school from an incident of the vanishing of the famous history Professor of the school.

The game starts while putting you in the place of a freshman high school student at a notorious school in that area known as The Academy. You will be playing as a newcomer namely Sam who with a group of his friends likes to do detective work. This is a trait in most high schools that students are not much into studying. They mostly are out for playing and do detective stuff (if it is a big school but sometimes small schools have creepy places too). It is kind of a big school. You go there as a newbie and you take the admission assessment which contains just a single question. After passing the somewhat one questioned admission exam you find out that a Professor of History has suddenly gone missing in the school. You will start doing your detective work (not that it is a detective training school) with your team of two other people. You will find chocolate bars on your way on finding the solutions to different puzzles. These chocolate bars work on the same concept as that of the apples in Mario Sega. These chocolate bars are some small hints and tips to solve puzzles but still, most of them are so substandard that you feel like wasting your time. So, you continue finding clues and solving the mystery of the lost Professor.

Well, this game is a complete sack of cons but there are some strengths to this game to like it lets you have the feel of the old and funny high school stuff. The amazing puns at the high school are surely enjoyable. The trusted friends and the moments with them. As you move on the school turns into some sort of art gallery where at every corner there are statues and other stuff like that. You need to check out these artifacts for finding clues and tips. The most debatable part and one out of many important scams of this game is the factor of including puzzles. It is not bad for a game to have puzzles. The games like Antichamber contain low graphics but they have an amazing set of puzzles and are sure fun to play. But this game contains a series of puzzles overridden by another set of bonus puzzles which should not be compulsory to solve but still you must solve them. In most games, the bonus part is left for the choice of the user to solve it or not, but it is not good to forcefully make you solve them to continue the game.

Also, the storyline puzzle overlapped with the bonus puzzle makes it even more difficult to solve both. There will be times when the puzzles will be difficult to solve so take the chocolate bar out of your pocket and grab a bite and suddenly some (useless) hints will start to reveal upon you. More than 80 percent hints are useless so it will be a miracle to get an exact hint you needed at that time. This is a disappointing factor. But still, it is part of the game. The developers have tried to add a little bit of the Harry Potters magical touch like the sudden appearance of a bear (at a place where bears are never expected), ghosts like figures wearing black cloaks (which are supposed to scare you!) when you break particular types of statues while analyzing them and the sudden rolling-in of the mist.

Now talking about the poor 3-D graphics of the game. It being mostly a third-person view game you will feel like the objects around you are not that clear as in most games. While analyzing objects and solving puzzles your view gets the first person. The puzzles are surely clear and easy to navigate but the overall graphics of this game are not as they were expected. There has been no focus on detailing and other parts of the game.

Talking about the characters in the game. The characters are so sketchy, and their movement is extremely wooden it seems as if they have been forced to stand at there positions. Well, still your movement is better than those in your surroundings. You have a list of friends who are of every type big, small, tall, chubby, friendly, cold, etc. and they give you clues about finding the vanished Professor.

Well concluding The Academy, this game did not meet the expectations. It was thought of to be much more surprising and exciting than other games. The storyline of the game is very vivid. It seems as if the pieces of the game were thrown at random places. There are a few glitches in the game while interacting with objects and other glitches like the run sometimes do not work. The storyline of the game could be made much better. The puzzles in this game are also not story-based they are somewhat IQ based questions like which operator will be used to the make answer of these two numbers equal to……. This looks more like quite an amateur game (Such games are given to 1 – 5-grade students to help them understand operators). If you want to enjoy this game than doing play it on mobile phone because your PC experience would not be a good one as the graphics do not seem that good on PC. The map should be extended its quite a tight and straight forward map. The mechanics and working of the game make it clear that the developers have put in a lot of effort but still, it does not complete all the requirements of a video game. We hope that the developers investigate these issues so that this game gets more fan following and can meet the expectations of the players.

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