The Wonderful 101: Remastered Nintendo Switch Review—is it still wonderful?

It’s been seven years since you played your favorite action-adventure title on your old WII U. Even the original game stood out to be the best in its league back in 2013. Seven years later when Platinum Games have released its remake, I believe the game is gonna go places! Only this time, other major consoles will be getting their share of adrenaline rush as well.

Having a first look at the game, it is instantly visible that the last seven years were not a waste of time. The game has seen considerable improvements in terms of performance, gameplay mechanics, controls, and loading times. However, in terms of graphics, there is still room for improvement, and if the developers had focused a little more in this area, the game would’ve been perfect in every aspect.

So, what the game is actually about? You are put in charge of a group of protagonists who are known as Wonderful 100 (hence, the name of the game), and you control them by drawing a series of shapes. Such as, when it’s time for a battle you can draw the shape of a weapon, and the group will organize itself in that shape, ready to fight. The circle will organize them in a fist, a straight line will produce a sword out of your Wonderful 100, L will give them a shape of a gun, and the list continues.

This is where the learning curve of the game comes in. The game has a lot of underlying secrets to it and you learn them as you proceed through the game. You need to keep everything in mind before you proceed into the next battle. It is a consistent learning process from the beginning of the game until the end. Hence, it could be said that the game is clearly developed for people who are good learners. Knowing what weapon to draw your forces into when certain visuals appear, is all a game of experience and strategy. Such as, when you see a beam, instantly swipe over your screen and form a whip. Or when you see a circular bomb, draw a gun. These are the things that you will have to learn and keep in mind, else you will lose interest in the game pretty quick. The sad part is that there aren’t any proper tutorials available for the game, something which seems like a necessity for a game this complicated. I feel like I can write a whole book on the tricks and tactics you learn as you proceed through the game, there are so many of them.

The game will not give you a moment to breathe. The moment you start drawing without any knowledge of what’s happening on the screen, the enemies will come at you with their full force, scattering your minions everywhere. Goodluck, getting them back in order! And it’s not just that, at times you know what you are doing and a little elbow nudge can lead to a completely different useless formation, again leaving you vulnerable to enemies.

However, as difficult the game might seem, the remastered version does offer a little slack to the new players. Unite Guts and Unite spring, the two most vital blocking techniques are now available for free in the abilities shop. Multi—Unite helps in the formation of AI-controlled weapons and it is a recommended purchase in the abilities shop. You might not feel the need for Multi-Unite in the beginning levels, however, once you feel the need for it as you come across bigger challenges, it will be upmost in the shop to remind you that you have this life-saver in store.

Even though these additions seem welcoming, the game will still have you sweating throughout. Well, we can’t deny the fact that more time is spent understanding the game than actually playing it, but if you play it with focus and determination, the learning phase will be over soon, and this where the actual fun begins.

The game allows you to go creative and gives you freedom of choice. There are several ways to approach enemies and other challenges. There is nothing more soothing than sitting down and bringing out your knowledge of the game to devise a perfect strategy. Each time, you have two options, either you go hard on your enemies and finish them off with a flick of a finger, or you let them have their fun and play a little risky. In case you decide to go with the latter option, you need to have a good grasp on the game, but at the same time, you will increase your chances of getting Pure Platinum medals.

While going through this review, it might seem that the game share some similarities with turn-based tactical gameplay where there is no harm in taking things slowly. Well, it’s nothing like that, and there is a sense of an urgency to the game. The game requires good reflexes and you have to be ever ready with your artistic fingers to draw up shapes immediately when required, or else enemies won’t give you a second chance.

An action game cannot be complete without a boss fight. Certainly, The Wonderful 101: Remastered comes with its own set of boss fights, level after level. With gameplay this challenging, you are smart enough to how difficult it is going to get when the game puts you up against bosses. If those boss fights don’t pump up the blood in you, I believe you are due for a medical checkup.

Other than that, this time around the game isn’t available for you to admire your skills over the WII U gamepad. Comparing the Nintendo Switch’s version of the game with its old counterpart sets both of them miles apart. The loading time on switch is considerably less than that on WII U, however, frame drop is an issue that I faced while playing it on Nintendo Switch.

Well, it is a creative game to play on your hand-held console. However, it is only fun when you are ready to put your mind into it.

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