West of Dead PC Review–a unique western rogue-like shooter

West of Dead is an action and adventure-packed game developed by the Upstream Arcade. The game was published by Raw Fury. It released on the 18th of June 2020 for Xbox and PC whereas, for PS4 and Nintendo Switch, it will release on the 20th of August 2020. The game is priced at $19.99.

In the West of Dead, you will find yourself as an anonymous phantom who has returned from the dead. This specter is now placed in affliction at Purgatory Wyoming. You will have no memory of who you are, what are you doing there, and what is your purpose. You will try to get hold of a preacher who is expected to have answers to questions whirling in your mind. To find this preacher, you will have to pass through a huge bunch of enemies along your way which changes very quickly. You will fight them with guns or whatever useful item you find on your way.

West of Dead is a story rouge lite which is like an option for the players where to head to. This game is itself stuck in such a whirlpool of genres that it is unclear which one defines it properly. It is a junction of two or more genres that aren’t related to each other. It is neither a very successful game nor a worst-case scenario failing one, but due to its clashes in some areas, it includes some of the disheartening traits.

This game is indeed rocking in style. When you start playing it, you would be in a dark era with some different color schemes. One of the coolest things about it is that Ron Perlman (most of you will know him from the movie Hellboy) is the voice behind our main character of West of Dead. You will spawn in an afterworld at a bar, where you would ask the barkeeper for some whiskey and ask him for some information regarding your location. In moments, you would lead yourself to the mesh of enemies.

As the game starts, you would certainly feel the presence of a rogue-lite genre when you are given two random guns. There are 3 types of guns in the game: one with a long-range but slow scoping, short-ranged and burst shotgun, and standard pistols. Guns show some indicators which portray their level of strength along with their ammo status. You will come through some unlockable items during the game which does increase your number of choices for guns, but the issue arises where you accidentally choose a gun which turns to be junk in performance. You don’t have a standard type of gun here that helps you with understanding the game mechanics or to get a know-how of the recoil etc.

The irregular mechanics of the guns wouldn’t create that much problems if the maps also were not randomized on their own. Each room is generated automatically by the game engine and it is based on the core of cover-based shooting and lighting. If you see an enemy in the light, you can lock them and fire them from anywhere from the room premises. If they are hiding in the dark or standing in the shadow, you can see them be their muzzle flash and kill them.

One of the cool concepts of this game is it’s light and shadow mechanics. The bad thing about them is that there is a camera that cannot be controlled by you and some issues during the locking of enemies on radar puts you in a very disastrous situation. Your cover starts to get weaker as it keeps getting shot by the opponents. If your enemy is hiding in the dark, you will have to find a lantern or light source as quickly as possible to take a better aim. If you have to go far to a point, you certainly would have to use the spot dodge which is timed such that you can dodge a second bullet that tracks your movements. You would rather ask that what would one bullet at maximum could do? Well, in West of Dead, your health matters a lot. Your health is abandoned by limited use of flask and other items you would find in the dungeons. So basically, every shot hurts in the game and it is better to dodge as much as possible. It is better to dodge a shot coming towards your face as it will not be something to be proud of to dodge any other bullet rather than one approaching your face as it will inflict the most damage.

You would also come through a glitch in the game. Keep it a secret, guys! One thing noticed was that when your cover gets weak and gets downgraded at some point if you stay hooked to the same spot in the game, it will start growing back again on its own. You would think that what could be better than this, but when you go close to the cover it will momentarily stun you as the game tries to resolve what is happening without knowing what it is. The stun can prove lethal for you sometimes and you will feel that the game is partially broken.

From the design standpoint, this game was meant to turn you into a carcass and for you to struggle hard in it to complete it as it is not a bad thing to do. You, by killing your enemies collect their sins called the sin of the dead and from its collection, you can get unlocked features that are very amazing to do. It is a slow process though. It is true that whenever you die, you are bound to listen to the same storyline clips and go through those same interplay as was before. It would be better if the game doesn’t force you to change the camera for dialogues along with the characters. This type of repetition can disturb you even if your last death came from an unexpected event occurring in the game. All through the game, it felt as if there was a clash going on among the gameplay and the storyline of the game which unfortunately couldn’t harmonize itself throughout the title. It is not something of an impact creator, but it will keep those players away who aren’t so determined to play it.

Ron Pearlman gives the game a heck of performance with its wonderful one-liners and elaboration of great story moments spoken through one of its kind, unique guttural tones. He brings a level of depth and believability to the character which only the gameplay couldn’t represent alone nor any voice actor could have done that. Repetition till some instances can be sufferable but hearing something the fifteenth time makes your head go crazy.

Whatever things you point out, its one of its type gameplays would make you want to play it. The presence of this repetition of living, dying, and watching that same storyline along with dialogues may make you yawn and boring at some moments and excessive of it becomes disappointing. You will have to give this game more time if you want to unlock the special items. The esthetics of this game are amusing which keeps you determined to play it as well as the soundtrack of it. It would be fascinating if the shooting mechanics of the game are tweaked. If you are not of that perfection demander and you have puts hours and hours into playing Enter the Gungeon, West of Dead won’t be disappointing you at all.

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