Best games without Wifi on PC
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By Admin - July 26, 2017

Best games without Wifi on PC

Many times it happens when the person gets bored when there is no internet presence and he has no activity to do, in that situation one can utilize his time by playing the games without wifi. It is good to download some games for the time when no internet access available. There are enormous games available that one can install in PC and spend the free time with good quality games. Some of the interesting and time killing games available on the PC are

games without wifi

Every day the same dream

It is the type of the video game, in which the family members are present and make the schedule to spend the day. The player gets ready, greet the wife and go to the office, the daily schedule is same but there some questions are present like what happens if not dressed properly or if disobey to the boss. It is the flash game, one must download flash player before downloading it.

Halo zero

It is another exciting game that has the side scrolling shooter; it is basically the 2D style contra shooter that has all the weapons to play against the enemies. Before playing the game, the player has to change some of the settings like language, default controls and volume controls. It is an amazing shooting game that runs without the internet.


It is the game with full of fun and amusement. The player does not die but loses the point as a strike with some obstacle. It is a highly recommended game and the person keeps smiling while playing. The songs are awesome and the player can spend the hours to play the awesome game.

Cave Story

It is another big hit and one of the best PC games. It is the Japanese freeware game that is translated to attract the audience from all over the world. The 2D and 3D version both are available.  One can easily download from the developer website and enjoy the unlimited fun. Install the 3D version to enjoy the game with high graphics.

Minecraft classic

It is the amazing mind game that requires proper attention and strategy to search the mines. There is no winning option, the player survives against the unending horders. Different building projects are available in which the player gets involve to have unlimited fun. The paid version is also available that have more entertaining features, the person can get it to enjoy the versatile features of the game.

Team fortress, battlefield, and Runescape are other games that enable the user to kill the free time and enjoy unlimited fun. Some games require subscription while other are free to download. The person who is bored from the studies or frustrated from the office work can play the above mention game to get relax and enjoy. All these games are quick to download and easy to play. No much computer specifications are required to install the game, these run smoothly in normal windows easily. These are the best games to spend free time.