What the Golf — the quirky golf game makes it to Nintendo Switch

If anyone tells you that What the Golf is the most realistic golf game they have ever played, maintain a safe distance from them. Finding sanity in What the Golf is the same as looking for a needle in a haystack.

If developers have ever had the interest of the gaming community in the sports genre, its either with basketball or football. Other Racing simulations, cricket, and tennis games are suffering from a lack of popularity. Maybe it’s because they don’t have the adrenaline rush in them as other sports do, and playing such titles becomes boring instantly.

I would’ve gladly added golf on my list of not-so-interesting-sports games, but not when What the Golf is making its way to Nintendo Switch. It’s as if someone told Triband that golf is the lamest game ever, and they were like alright buddy, hold my beer!

The only place you will find golf in the game is in the title, rest is all chaos, but it does add a new twist to the sports. What the Golf has been out for a while now. After initially being released on the IOS platform, the game is now making its way to Nintendo Switch.  

Talking of the gameplay, you require a pair of eyes to locate the golf ball, and a thumb to hold and launch the ball into the hole. Well, you’ve read it, the game will be featuring touch mechanic on Nintendo switch as well, and you can play the game in a similar way as you played on your IOS device. It’s as if other developers need a little reminder that the console comes equipped with a touch screen, and they could feel free to add some touch screen controls in their games.

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But this is where the sanity of the game ends. If you think launching a ball into a hole is all that you need to worry about, you need to get your facts straight. The moment you enter into the game you will spot horses running across your screen, well that is physically possible, isn’t it? Next, you will find yourself shooting a football into a goal with a golf ball half its size, and we can work with that as well. However, the actual What the Golf moment happens when you find yourself shooting a golf ball into a hole located in space! Playing golf on Earth is so mainstream, pfft. However, if I keep explaining the quirkiness of the scenarios that the game puts you in, I may never be able to finish up with this article.

The developers have mimicked several other game titles in the game as well, and trust me, they have done a wonderful job with it. There are elements from all important titles, such as Super Mario, Flappy Bird, Soul Bubbles, Metal Gear, Portal, and even Guitar Hero. Who mimics Guitar Hero in a golf game? but then again, there is nothing normal about this game. These mimicries will have you laughing throughout your gameplay, making it worth your while.

The game gives you the option of sharing this humor with a friend of yours in a two-player local co-op mode.


The developers never intended to make a realistic golf game, and to be very honest I won’t even consider it a golf game. You have a ball, you can control it, and you have targets to achieve with that ball, that’s it! There is a bit of physics involved in the game, such as when you make it to space, you will experience that gravity has disappeared and if you let the ball roam free, it will go places. At times, you are not even controlling a golf ball, such as there was this one particular level where the ball was located on top of a space craft-type thingy with thrusters. You were in control of the spacecraft and had to land it on a particular spot to proceed on to the next level.

The game is not difficult to play; however, it is quite long, and you might get bored after playing levels after levels, trying to hit the ball at the target, or making it go down a hole. It would have been nice if there was a little storyline to the game as well, but this is what we will be getting and developers have already done a wonderful job transforming a boring, lame, old-man game into a fun little e-sport.

The game will be available for purchase on 21st of May, however, if you pre-order right now you will be able to avail a 25% discount,

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