World War Z Game of the Year Edition — How Far the Game has Come in a Year?

You see a horde of zombies approaching, what do you do? You brace yourself, load your weapons, and head out to score! With all the titles we have seen over the last decade, I believe zombies should unite and demand a separate genre of their own for these kinds of games. As expected, World War Z happens to be like any other zombie inspired third-person shooter game. After a year of endless chaos and putting zombies to sleep, Saber Interactive released World War Z Game of the Year Edition.

The Campaign Mode Will Take You Places

The game will put you on a battlefield with four other players, a concept that is not unlike any other game of a similar genre. Even though the gameplay is entirely linear, taking down zombies and making a dash for the next saferoom, the game does offer diversity in the battlefields.

You will find yourself ploughing through ice in Moscow and later trying not to fall in water on the shores of Tokyo. There is an interesting new map addition that takes you all the way to France in the beautiful city of Marseille, or should I say, la belle ville de Marseille?

There is nothing particularly exciting to the gameplay, if you have played other co-op zombie games before, however, the thing that excited me a little was that the levels can be replayed with the same enthusiasm. The layout of cities won’t change, but the way hordes of zombies charge at you will be different every time you replay the level with your buds.

I won’t say progressing through the game is a piece of cake, it certainly isn’t. Antagonists will always approach you in hordes and you will always be outnumbered, hence a proper tactical plan and good communication will be required in order to survive. There will even be times when the zombies will literally be raining down on you as they take a plunge at you from rooftops. When they do, they will sweep you off your feet for once, so be on your best game throughout.

As far as the missions are concerned, there is nothing in particular that stands out. They are all generic missions where you will have to survive for a given time or retrieve an item that lies in the zombie concentrated regions. However, with the new addition of Marseille, there are a handful of new objectives that had my attention, such as the new missiles that require a good combined effort to launch. This can, however, become a problem if you are playing a multiplayer co-op and don’t have good chemistry with your other teammates.

Putting holes in zombies is not a difficult task either since they are all carried over to this game from previous similar titles. There are regular zombies along with some special ones. The zombies that you need to be on a lookout for are the ones that will infect you, causing your health to decrease every passing second. I have not seen a similar antagonist in any other game so far. Stay clear of em!

Customizable Characters

The game stands guilty of replicating similar features from the earlier games of the similar genre, however, there are a few nifty tricks that holds World War Z above the rest! You will be able to customize your own protagonists through the skill tree. Out of what I have experienced, these customizations are there to improve the aesthetics of the game and do only a little to modify a character’s performance during the gameplay.

What Other Modes are Available?

The game comes equipped with a few difficulty settings and modes that you can switch between. Certain modes will restrict the ammo availability during the battle, whereas others will send you on solo missions. However, the real kingpin is the PvP mode. I believe the developers were only a little aware of the other PvP games bombarding the market at the moment. Playing a deathmatch against other teams, while dealing with the AI-controlled zombies is particularly interesting, but it’s only a useless addition to the game.


The game has survived for a year now while receiving a steady supply of updates from the developers to keep players glued to the screen. With all the efforts the developers are putting into the game, there is still nothing to the game that raises its bar for this genre. If it were up to me, I would still choose a Left 4 Dead title over this, any day!

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