Gears Tactics — Making the Best Out of your Gears
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By Admin - May 3, 2020

We saw the release or Gears Tactics in late March, and ever since things don’t seem so good over at the Gears’ fanbase. This is particularly because previous titles of Gears of War featured third-person shooter gameplay, and the tides have turned for this title, which features turn-based strategic gameplay. This was something that was least expected!

The game is set 12 years behind the original Gears of War story; hence it stands an important ground in the overall story of the series and cannot be let go by the fanatics who have been playing the game, title after title, head down, from 2006!

Therefore, we have put together this guide for you to make the best out of your Gears Tactics strategic gameplay, and not miss out on anything at all. A few XCOM veterans might be in a state of a misconception that the gameplay is similar to that of their older beloved title, but believe me, it’s not. Even though, both of the games are of the same genre and provide similar gameplay experience, the strategy that you need to devise, to make it out of the battlefield alive, is based on the factors that are not present in XCOM.

Take Cover!

Even if you haven’t played any turn-based strategic game before, it isn’t rocket science to figure out that the covers play an important role in your survival during a battle. Those oil barrels and ammo crates weren’t placed between the road for aesthetic purposes, they are there to protect you.

There are all kinds of covers, long-lasting ones, short-lasting ones, tall ones, and shorter ones. Each of them has its own pros and cons. If you are planning on staying inside a cover without shooting any enemy, opt for a taller cover and cover that is not made out of wood. The wooden cover gives way really quickly. However, if you want action while you are taking cover, go for the shorter covers, as they provide you an opportunity to shoot over them.

While choosing a cover, be aware of the position of the enemy as well, taking a cover at 180 degrees to the enemy will give you a clearer view to take it out.

Watch Out for the Action Points!

Turn-based strategic games do not proceed the same way as the first-person shooter or third-person shooter games. Here, your moves are limited! You will be awarded a certain amount of action points in each turn and they will decrease as you rush from cover to cover. However, there is a way to increase your action points and keep your turn going for a longer period of time. Execute the enemies! But, taking down the enemies would require you a weapon, and shooting that weapon will take another load out of your action points. To sum it all up, anything you do pulls you closer to the end of your turn. Hence plan your, moves accordingly, be it taking a shelter, firing a gun, or throwing a grenade. Keep in mind that the enemies in Gears Tactics are very clingy ones and would not let go of you that easy. It would require a shot to take them down, and then another to execute them and finish em of completely.

Be Wise About Overwatch

Overwatch is not a new tactic in the game, and XCOM players would be well aware of it. However, as cool as it might seem, you will need to be extra careful while laying down the conical trap. First of all, Overwatch has its limit. You can extend Overwatch over a vast area, but it will only reduce the accuracy.

Laying Overwatch will put an end to your turn as it will consume all of your action points, hence you have to be very wise when you are laying one down. Use it as a last line of defense. However, if you stick with sacrificing your turn to lay Overwatch, don’t lay it in the path of your own teammates, or you will be bringing up the coffin song sooner than expected. Overwatch not only kills the enemy, but it kills anyone who it crosses its path with. If you manage to pinpoint the location of Emergence Holes, lay an Overwatch over them and go grab some popcorns afterward.

You are not the only one in the game who is capable of laying an overwatch, your enemies can make use of this strategy as well, and if they do so, it can prove fatal for you. hence, keep Vanguard’s Disabling Shot handy.

Locusts in all Shapes and Sizes

The antagonist that you will be fighting during the game are Locust, and there is a whole variety of them being sent your way to finish you off. The front liners would be Drones and it seems as if they were built to be disgraced. No special abilities are required for them and you won’t break a sweat taking em down. But, do watch out for their Overwatch!

Next would be Wretches. They are also fairly easy to take down, but you will need to keep an eye on their movements. Once you figure out the pattern with which they move, Overwatch will do the rest of your dirty job for you. However, if you are looking for a bit more action, grenades are a handy option too.

If a Locust has to be disgusting, it has to be Grenadier. They are shirtless and will blow you into pieces with their shotgun. Be on your best game for these.

What’s a team without a sniper? There will be sniper carrying Drones and if you don’t take them out as a top priority, they will create huge problems for you.

Supply Crates

They are awarded for completing side missions, or if you keep a keen eye for them on the battlefield during a battle. However, don’t be greedy and watch your enemies before make a dash for them. there are Grey boxes, Blue boxes, and Purple boxes each with their own set of surprises.

Closing Emergence Holes

Emergence Holes are the holes created on the floor of the battlefield and this is where the enemies charge at you from. As important as it is to close Emergence Holes, you will need a lot of patience for this. Do not throw in a grenade too early and let Emergence Hole open up properly. If you throw it in too early, it won’t have any effect and you will have to wait for another five turns to throw another grenade.

It’s Raining Locusts

The enemies will not only pop up from Emergence Holes, but they will land on you from above as well. But don’t worry too much about them as they will wait for an entire turn after entering into the battlefield before they make a move at you.

Make the Best use of Grenades

Grenades have a very long cooldown period but they are one of the best weapons in your possession. They have a huge damage radius and can be thrown at longer distances at enemies who cannot be approached in any other way.

Soldier Down!

I saved this for the last, in case you still manage to take a hit after taking all the precautions. Once a soldier has taken a hit, and before it is executed completely, you will get a chance to revive them and bring them back into the game. you can revive a Gear in two ways, either you can self-revive, or you can use a nearby soldier to revive. Both have their pros and cons. If the Gear self-revives, it will receive only one action point, otherwise it will be given three. However, using another Gear to revive the downed Gear might come at a huge cost if you run into a Locust, midway. But, whatever you, revive at your top priority for it won’t take Locusts a lot of turns to execute the Gear.  

Playing a turn-based strategy game is not that difficult at all. Most importantly, you need to have patience and need to understand that nothing is rushing you. As long as it is your turn, no Locust will pop up and blow your heads off. Next, you need to have all of your moves planned out properly. Don’t just think of the move you are going to make in the existing turn, but map out a few next turns as well.

 Go and put down some Locusts!