Get Started With Journaling
By Alexandra Wade - May 2, 2022

You may have heard someone exult the praises of journaling once or twice around you. You’ve probably come across someone quick to pull out with such smoothness and efficiency that you wonder what the fuss is all about. You also probably think some of it is just for show, and you might be correct, but you should also know that journaling is not an underrated habit.

Getty Images/EyeEm/Trendsetter Images

It is easy for daily activities to overwhelm people, making it difficult to organize thoughts properly or long enough to achieve set goals. Journals help alleviate these problems for many people by keeping them mindful of what’s important and how to prioritize them. Journaling could also boost your self-esteem with how effective they make you become over time. But how exactly do you begin? Despite the multitude of journaling styles and cultures that exist, there are only three things required to set off on the journey: a pen, a notebook, and a resolute decision to be consistent with the journey ahead. The first two are pretty straightforward. You could even opt for a digital journal instead. An empty notebook or blank digital page can be somewhat uninspiring, however. In this case, it is okay to opt for custom journals that have pre-set templates for filling in the day’s events.

You could also choose to design or decorate the pages as you go. However, the most important is finding the inspiration to commit to entering your journal regularly. A way to combat falling short of your journal entries is by setting reminders. Creating a space in your daily schedule helps but making sure that you do this simultaneously every day makes it easy to become a habit instead of a chore. Another method could be finding an accountability partner for your journey, like a friend or family who fills their journal alongside you. Finally, remember that it is okay not to want to carry your journal with you everywhere you go or carry a flashy one. There are no rules for journaling other than consistency, which is paramount to forming an attachment with any activity.