Understand Hip Flexor Muscle Pain
By Admin - November 17, 2016

The human body has thousands of muscles and each muscle has a purpose. Even a single muscle is pulled or is not working properly, the entire organ is affected. It is important to excise, but too much pressure, while exercising or doing a cardio or workout, can pull the muscles causing severe pain. The same is the case with the hip flexor muscles.

Causes of hip flexor muscle pain

There are various causes of this pain such as:

  • Contraction of the hip muscles
  • Quick and forceful movements while playing a game such as a soccer or martial arts
  • Repeated heavy exercise which makes use of these muscles such as cycling upwards
  • Improper hip flexor strengths
  • Pushing the muscles too much which causes tight hip flexors
  • Pressure applied on the muscles such as an outside force by falling down on ground, etc.
  • Exercising when already tired

Remedies and treatments of hip flexor muscle pain

There are a few home remedies for hip flexor pain treatment such as:

  • Ice: Using ice can be a great way to relieve the pain. Using a piece of cloth to wrap the ice and applying it on the affected area for fifteen minutes helps relieve the pain. Massaging the affected area also reduces the pain.
  • Heat: heat is used to relax the muscles. Applying a warm piece of cloth over the muscles relaxes and opens and warms the tendons of thehip.Also, it is better to apply moist heat on the sore area. It is better as it gets absorbed also.

What are the hip flexor muscles?

The hip flexor muscles are the muscles that flex the hip. In simple worlds, these muscles allow the lifting of knees and bending of waist. These muscles are deep inside the abdominal cavity. The hip flexor muscle pain occurs when these muscles get strained. The strain is caused by sprinting or kicking and putting a lot of pressure on the hip flexors. The pain is felt in the upper groin at the point where the thigh meets the pelvis. Many people confuse this pain with the groin pain.

Symptoms of strained hip flexor muscles                   

                                hip flexor muscle pain

Following are the symptoms of the hip flexor when it gets strained or there is a pain in the hip.

  • Severe pain caused while sitting or standing
  • Tenderness of muscles
  • Swelling of hip muscles
  • Weakened hip flexor muscles
  • Hip flexor bruises
  • Pain felt while kicking, running, or moving
  • Pain in the front area of hip

Exercises for the pain

The best way to get rid of this pain is to take proper medication and do exercise on regular basis. Perform special exercise which related to the hip muscles such as the hip flexor stretches. Performing the quadriceps stretches also helps ease the pain. It is important to treat the pain as it can become a greater problem if not treated. As soon as the symptoms start to appear, exercise, massage or take pain relievers. It is the only way to get rid of the hip flexor pain.