Easy to do hip muscle stretches for tight hips and hip flexor pain
By Admin - November 18, 2016

The hip is one of the body parts which is in constant motion. If the muscles in the hip are put under stress the hip can start aching. The hip also has the smallest and the largest muscles. If there is a lot of pressure put on these muscles, it can cause severe pain in the hip flexors. To get rid of the pain many individuals take medicines and painkillers, while the treatment and natural cure for hip flexor pain are in hip muscle stretches. Following are the best and easy to do hip strengthening exercises which are good for tight hips and the hip flexor pain treatment.

Hip muscle stretches

There are two types of rotator exercises that can be performed for the hip flexor muscles. These are the internal and the external rotators. To perform this exercise, the individual has to sit on the chair lifting the left leg over the right leg over the thigh. Then the individual has toe press down the thigh gently down and tilts forward until feels resistance. Perform the same for the right leg for 10 minutes. The external stretch involves raising the ankle high above and resting it on the thigh while in a sitting position. The individual has to grab the raised knee and press towards the shoulder. Holding this position for ten minutes is agreat way to relax the hip muscles. These two are the easiest hip muscle stretches.

The floor hip muscle stretches

These are also extremely important stretches that one should perform to cure the pain in the hip flexors. The floor stretches are excellent hip stretches for hip pain. To perform this exercise, the individual has to lie down on the floor facing downwards. The individual ahs to pull up the right leg towards the chest until the knee touches the chest. When in this position, the individual ahs to stretch the left leg outwards until feels the stretch and pull. The hands should be straight in front under the face. The individual should hold this position for at least five minutes and change position. These stretches are also excellent for hip flexor pain treatment.

The hip extensor stretches

These are also the easiest to perform stretches. The individual just has to be in a standing position and extend the leg on the chair. Then the individual ahs to reach out for the foot and stretch the leg as much as possible until feels the stretch. It is an excellent stretch for the hamstring too.

It is important to perform exercise on regular basis to get rid of any kind of muscle pain. The athletes (especially the runners) who are fit are only because they perform the stretches on regular basis. Although they run and that is also an exercise, but the muscles need relaxation in a particular manner and that manner is to perform the hip muscle stretches. The success to relieve the pain in the hip is proper and hip related exercises.