Home Practices To Tackle A Cold
By Andrew Parker - September 9, 2022

A cold can snare you at any time of year, so you should be prepared with the proper treatments when it does. While the common cold usually passes within seven to ten days, it’s important to manage symptoms as much as possible to keep comfortable while the virus progresses. You might be asking what you should do to feel immediate relief if you have a runny nose, sore throat, sore muscles in your body, sneezing, coughing, body pain, or an itchy throat.

Getty Images/Moment/Jena Ardell

Drinking plenty of water facilitates mucus thinning, easing coughing or clearing nasal congestion. It is advised to drink water, juice, tea, or broth; nevertheless, you should avoid alcohol and caffeine because they can dehydrate you. When the air is thinner in the winter, colds are more common. Your heater may also contribute to the drying out of your body, especially in the nose. You can counteract this dehydration by consuming plenty of drinks and even running a humidifier. Now, regarding the humidifier: By maintaining moisture in your nasal tube, they are fantastic for fighting colds in the winter. Congestion can be reduced as a result of such.

Rest is essential for your body’s healing and immune system support. Because of this, you may experience more sleep when you are ill; this is not causing concern but rather an indication that your body is actively battling the infection. Getting lots of sleep while you’re sick is critical so your immune system can effectively combat cold viruses. Adults should strive to sleep seven to nine hours every night and nap during the day. Teenagers should receive eight to ten hours every night, while children require nine to twelve. The inability to sleep or rest is often caused by nighttime coughing. Try a tablespoon of honey if you’ve already taken an over-the-counter cough or cold remedy but are still experiencing discomfort. Honey relieves a cough momentarily, helping to soothe a sore throat. Chicken noodle soup is a great home treatment for a common cold and healthy for the soul. Moreover, vegetables and fruits high in zinc or vitamin C will be added.