How Architecture Has Evolved Over The Years
By Claire Miles - July 20, 2022

Architecture has come a long way since simple houses were made with brick. People have different designs, and preferences, and sometimes even take into account their health and the effect that the design of their house would have on it. Innovative architecture, as well as interior design, has made all this possible. Some of these changes in design are things you might want to keep in mind when constructing your new house. They seem like just minor changes in design but can leave a major impact on the finishing of your house.

Getty Images/Moment/Boris SV

For one, the lighting design in houses has changed to have LED lights placed on the ceiling. Light bulbs used to be on the wall but if you ever notice closely, places that have the lighting installed in the ceiling allow for more brightness in the room which not only looks good but is also good for the eyes. Either there are no bulbs on the wall anymore, or they serve more to the purpose of the design and are just artistic bulbs that are not used, and the ceiling lights are used instead. People also place focus on getting sunlight or natural light into their homes.

Dark gloomy basements are constructed in a way that leaves a small window of natural light on the edge of the ceiling. Even on floors other than the basement, wall-sized windows are preferred to give maximum sunlight inside the house. Interior designers even suggest placing house plants by the window to give a decorative design to the lounge, along with the obvious health benefits. People differ in their view of the material that they should use in designing their houses. On the one hand, wooden houses are more economical in construction, but on the other hand, using cemented brick homes are more durable and often safer for thunderstorms and other natural disasters. Keeping some of this in mind can help you in designing a better home for yourself.