How long do spray tans last & how to improve it ?
By Admin - July 16, 2017

When you plan to spend lots of money on spray tans, you definitely want to know How long do spray tans last? Definitely, it’s the first question that comes to your mind before you go for that. Normally, it is observed that the effects of spray tan last for 5 to 7 days, but not more than it.

how long do spray tans last

How long do spray tans last: The days vary based on some factors

When you think about the number of days for which spray tan is going to last, you need to know an important thing that the number of days will defiantly vary depending on following factors:

  1. The amount of tan used
  2. The expertise of the person administering it
  3. You daily life routine
  4. The type of your skin

Above listed factors are the basic ones upon which the longevity of spray tan depends. Is there anything that can help you to extend the lifespan of your spray tan? Why do you want to extend its lifespan? The reason is that when you spend lots of your money on such things, you want it to last for a few more days so that you could enjoy it for maximum days you can.

How long do spray tans last and what can be done to delay fading?

As mentioned above, the spray tans will never last more than a week. For all spray tan lovers, there is good news for you. Here are a few techniques are given for you that will definitely delay fading of spray tans so that you could enjoy this for maximum days you can.

What about taking a bath?

You are recommended to take bath before you go to the salon for a spray tan. After you are done with a spray tan, you need to avoid taking shower for at least 10 to 12 hours to come.

Cut down the utilization of cosmetics:

The most cosmetics are known to block the pores of your skin. You are recommended to cut down the utilization of cosmetics prior to the treatment, for instance, perfumes, makeup, and lotions etc.

Let it dry:

After having treatment, it is suggested that not to touch the body and let your body dry naturally. You are also suggested not to put on the clothes for next 30 minutes after the treatment.

Keep your body moisturized:

You are recommended to keep your body fully moisturized after having a spray tan. Why? The reason is that when you will keep your skin moisturized, it will prevent dead skin to fall off and the tan will last for long.

Shun exercise:

When you do exercise, you start sweating. During this process, when your body gets rubbed with your tight clothes, consequently, it will rub the spray tan from various body parts. This is the major reason for which you are recommended not to exercise.

Now you have enough know-how about how long do spray tans last and how to delay the fading in this scenario.