How Tall is Donald Trump
By Admin - October 7, 2016

An air of excitement spread when elections are about to held in the country. The eyes of the entire population look towards the major figure of the nation and they make different assumptions regarding the new President. Media has a significant role in making one popular among the people of the country. People are always exposed through media to the significant figures of the nation. Every person favors a particular person in the limelight and a hot conversation prevails on the social media. There could be certain factors that compel people to vote for a particular figure.  Many studies indicated that personality of the candidate is greatly influenced by his height. What are the factors that are responsible for the success of a significant figure? What about American politics? how tall is Donald trump?  Is he the tallest president in the history of the United States of America? Where would the politics lie in the 5 years of a span?

Who is Donald Trump?

Donald Trump is the 4th child of Fred Trump who was a renowned businessman.  He started his business with a loan of $1 million from his father. After struggling for years, he got successful in managing the extension portfolio of his father in the New York City. Fred Trump was the real inspiration of Donald Trump and he always tries to follow his father’s footsteps. Later on, Trump shifted his business to glitzy Manhattan projects and becomes the owner of most popular Trump property. This Trump tower was expanded to Istanbul, Philippines, and Mumbai. He also builds certain casinos and hotels in different parts of the country. Moreover, he is also the author of several books and also the owner of certain merchandise that sells almost everything. In short, he is the leading businessman of the era.

How tall is donald trump

  • Marriages of Trump

Donald Trump had three wives and the most famous one was Ivana Zelnickova who was his first wife. After their divorce in the year 1990, Trump married the second time to an actress Marla Maples in the year 1993. They divorce after 6 years of marriage then he married MelaniaKnauss in the year 2005. He has five children and the younger one is Barron Trump who is 10 years old.

  • Trump and his way to politics

Mr. Trump was interested in the American politics since 1987. In doing so, he entered into politics as a candidate of Reform Party. When birther movement was run in the year 2008, he becomes the most outspoken member of the movement and talks bluntly about the birthplace of Barak Obama. In the year 2015, Trump officially announced his desire for entering into the White House race. He said that the country really needs someone who can do great in the long run. He tried to make his position strong for the upcoming elections. He runs certain controversial campaigns regarding the American economy and claims to build a boundary wall between the United States and the Mexico. He runs another campaign to ban the immigration of certain Muslim individuals in the country. A huge population protest against these campaigns but still he becomes the candidate for President.

Trump being the winner of elections

All the campaigns run by the current president of US were marked by certain controversies. Despite such controversies, he was confident about winning the elections against Hilary Clinton. He consistently informed his supporters that his presidency era would hit the blow against the establishment of American politics. His campaigns were always successful which enhances his motivation level. Despite certain few pundits believe in his success, Trump beat Hilary Clinton and becomes election winner. He is considered to be the first president of the United States of America who did not serve in the military. People might be attracted to his campaign due to his personality of height.

Impact of height on the election winner

The height of a person plays a strong role in developing his personality and the taller height is always enticing for people. It is evident from many studies that people having taller height are more successful through election because they always have strong leadership qualities as compared to the shorter people. People have a strong belief in their decisions. Therefore, they elect such person as their president who has decision making power.

Height does leave some impact on the voters but it is not always true. The United States of America had their smallest height president of about 163 cm and this do not lie in the tall people category. However, certain statistics and studies reported that tall people beat the elections about 19 times while smaller height aspirants won only 8 times since 1900. Another evidence for the impact of height on the success of the election winner reported that about 60% of candidates who won the election since the year 1789 to 2016 had larger heights than their opponents. However, the tallest President of the United States of America was Abraham Lincoln who had a height of 193 cm which was just 2 cm greater than the current President. The average height of the Presidents of the United States of America is 5 feet and 11 inches.

how tall is Donald trump?

Donald Trump, an American businessman, has a height of 6.3 inches or 191 cm which definitely lies in the category of tall people. It is even evident from the history of American election that candidates having tall height are always threat for the opponent because the taller height individual has greater chance to strike the blow. The reason for such fact is that the American people have more believe on the taller person rather than the shorter one. Although, Trump is not the tallest candidate in the history of American politics but he is at least taller than Hilary Clinton.

What Donald Trump’s personality depicts about his future politics?

Donald Trump personality depicts a lot about his future politics. Most of the people who had a conversation with Trump found him quite flummoxing. Certain psychologists have assessed the personality of Donald Trump on the five trait dimensions.

  • Socially dominant person

Donald Trump is found to be highly extroverted with quite low agreeableness. He is believed to be socially dominant which indicates his concern for resolving certain social issues that might be prevailing in the country.

  • Remain in touch with audience

Donald Trump is believed to keep on interacting with people because it is almost impossible for him to remain still. It is assumed that he will remain in touch with the American people at least on social media.

  • Take risk in Life

The extrovert nature of Trump tends him to take big risks in life. It is evident from his business career that he enjoys taking risks. However, his decisions are not fixed one; he is quite flexible and pragmatic in his decisions. He is found to be less ideological than the previous presidents. Trump can switch from his position easily particularly when it is needed in negotiations with Congress or other foreign leaders.

  • Truthfulness of Trump

When the truthfulness of Trump was assessed, it is evident that about 24 percent of his claims are true while 75 percent are false. So people could not believe his claims which he made during the election campaign.

  • Induce fear in audience

Trump father always told him that this world is a very threatening place to live so deal with it accordingly. As a result, he kept on inducing fear in his audience by saying again and again that something bad is going to happen in the near future. When he was inquired about this, he told that something scary would happen to others. It means that he is going to scare the other world with his policies. It is the outcome of his blunt and outspoken personality.

  • Narcissistic personality

Trump personality is found to be quite narcissistic because he also uses his own video clips in workshops. He uses his own name for almost everything. It was also depicted from his conversation and speeches. Such people really like to be the epicenter of any gathering and they struggle hard to achieve this aim of being great in the gathering. If president becomes narcissistic then it would not be less than a double-edged sword. His entire family and educational history indicated that he was an enticing person in his social gathering. So he would definitely work to prove his greatness through certain political policy whether it is the immigration policy or terrorism-related policy.

  • Sense of discipline

As Trump was enrolled in military school for some period of time, it inculcates in him the sense of discipline and strengthens his ethical values. So he will plan to make the country more discipline.

  • Persona of warrior

Trump gives a persona of a warrior which compels the audience that he will actually transform the America as a Great America.

Apart from how tall a Donald trump is, there are other factors that contribute to the success of an election winner. Actually, the entire personality of a significant figure depicts his future political goals which cannot be ignored

Immigration and Donald Trump

Donald Trump major aim is to revise the immigration policy. Immigration basically means amnesty, open borders, and cheap labor. The goal of immigration is to set aside the country’s own needs and give priority to the other nation. Trump is extremely against this policy and he believes that a country cannot succeed until it strengthens its boundaries. Trump discourages immigration with respect to the following three principles.

  1. A nation cannot be called as a nation if its boundaries are not strong. A strong wall is needed on the borders.
  2. A nation should have a strong law and this law should be passed according to the Constitution.
  3. If a nation does not serve its own people then the term nation should not be used for them. There is a need of improvement in the wages, security, and jobs solely for Americans.

In doing so, he took certain steps as well.

  • Building wall on the border of Mexico

He compels the Mexico to make a deal about creating a border wall between the United States of America and Mexico. He focuses on keeping the illegal immigrants out because the leaders of Mexico have taken the benefit of the United States through illegal immigration.

  • Returning of all the criminal aliens

As Barak Obama had released approximately 76,000 aliens who had a criminal conviction in his own custody since 2013, so Trump makes it mandatory for all the aliens to come back to their homeland. He is doing this by canceling their visas to other countries and considers it an official crime.

  • Penalties for visa overstaying

As lots of people visit the United States of America on a temporary visa and do not leave the country after the visa expires. Trump considers it dangerous for the national security. He enhances the penalty for people who do not leave the country when the visa expires and he considers it a serious crime.

All these factors indicated that Trump is trying to isolate the United States of America from the entire world. In these five years of a span, every sort of trading or immigration between the United States of America and other countries would come to an end. The United States of America would lie as a separate nation on the world map. The boundary of the country would get so strengthen that not even an insect would be able to cross it.

Revolution in Economy

Trump was a businessman before coming into politics. So he would surely certain business strategies as well and will focus on the employment rate. According to Trump, if immigration policy is revised then it would have a significant impact on the economy too. It would create more space for the American workers in certain industries. A huge percentage of immigrants are serving different industries or companies so removing those immigrants from their jobs would definitely create a room for the local people of the United States of America. He believes that middle class is the backbone of a country so if they suffer then the entire nation will suffer. According to his policy:

  • The wages of the low-earning workers will be enhanced.
  • Teenagers will be offered certain jobs
  • Schools, hospitals, and other communities will not be ignored.
  • He would create better trade with the People’s Republic of China because it is a country of a strong economy.

Although Trump is suppressing trade to a large extent which actually contributes a lot to the nation but he has already planned certain alternative strategies through business. As millions of immigrant workers are ordered to leave the country so it would definitely affect the economy of a Super Power but employment rate would increase to a larger extent. People are also happy with the employment rate rather than the economy of a nation. Moreover, he is expected to promote the health-care system through certain deals with hospitals and pharmaceutical companies.

Trump and Terrorism

Trump is applying a single strategy to bring terrorism to an end. He has signed an order to cancel the visa of people belonging to seven Muslim countries which include Iraq, Somalia, Syria, Yemen, Sudan, Libya, and Iran. Trump claimed about the continent of Europe that people might not have heard about any serious attack in Europe which indicates that they are not that threatening to the United States of America. However, he said that all the Muslim majority countries had serious terrorist attacks and they themselves are responsible for such evil act. He has ignored the fact that the United States of America itself could also be the reason for ever increasing terrorism. Canceling the visa facility of seven Islamic states will just inculcate hatred in the Muslim community towards the people of the United States of America. This will create a wider gap between two biggest religions as well.

Trump tendency towards Russia

Russia and the United States of America were found to be the biggest rivals of history. As both the countries fight for becoming the Super Power of the world so they never had a soft corner for each other and they tried to beat each other in every field. However, the 2016 election bring revolution and both the countries are on their way of friendship. Why is that so? How is it possible that such rival could become friends? Well, it is quite controversial side to touch and every person is making his own assumption regarding this issue. Some say that Donald Trump won the election because of Russia while others reported that Trump had his property there in Russia. These are mere assumption and the actual truth is not known. But one major thing which could be seen in the near future is a deep friendship between the United States of America and Russia although it seems pretty weird to some people.

Ending Remarks

how tall is Donald trump and where would his future politics lie were the focal points of this article. Hence, in a nutshell, there are many interesting things expected to happen in the near future. Certain things would be quite surprising while others might be disgusting. Whatever happens will either be in the best interest of the nations or the President, future will tell.