How To Avoid Procrastination
By Andrew Parker - January 18, 2022

Why do people procrastinate? All of us know that feeling – you’ve got a paper due tomorrow, but put on your favorite show because it’s more comfortable. I bet everyone has done this once in his or her life. Now, why is it so? Well, there are many reasons. Sometimes it’s because you don’t know the material very well, so why bother? Or you want to finish your work perfectly, without any mistakes – that takes lots of time. And then there are classes that are really boring or professors that are hard to understand. Or maybe you’re overworked and tired – sometimes all you need to relax is just a little rest. Then there’s procrastination that is actually not an act of laziness, like many people claim it to be – but rather lack of motivation.┬áIt all starts from a simple “I don’t want to this”, turns into “I can’t do this” and ends with “there is no reason for me doing it”. After some time, you’ll end up doing nothing. You won’t be able to find a reason for you doing anything, because there is no reason.

Getty Images/DigitalVision/Michael Blann