How to make wood in little alchemy?
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By Admin - April 26, 2017

There are thousands of android games which you can download. These games are of various types and genres. For the past few decades, the game developers have been experimenting and trying to come up with brand new gaming ideas. One of those ideas is to make stuff. You may know about the games in which you cook using different ingredients, baking or bakery, etc. You must have heard about the games which involve growing plants or crops, etc. the thing is you will find all sorts of games. You may search a game and find out about creating various household items such as the little alchemy.

The Little Alchemy

The Little Alchemy is an interesting game. It is, in fact, a game through which you can learn the basics of making various items. For example, if you add earth and fire, it becomes lava. It is a very addictive game too. Once you start playing it, you will not want to stop unless you find out what you can create more combining different items. It is also a very interactive game which allows the sure to use his mind and imagination to create new things. You can mix different items and elements to create fun items. The best part is that in every combination, you will find a little puzzle to solve. Once you create an item, you will want to mix it with other items to create new items.

how to make wood in little alchemy

How to play the game

When you start the game, you only have the basic items for the combination. You get air, fire, water and earth. You have to use your imagination to make new items combining these elements. For example, you can start by combining earth and water, and it will create mud. Now you can use that mud to combine it with fire to make a brick. The possibilities are almost endless. You can create rain, human, love, life and much more.

How to make wood?

Many people do not know how to make wood to make house or fences and thousands of other items which depend on wood. If you are wondering how to make wood in little alchemy, here is an easy way. Just like all other items you create combining various items. You can easily start creating wood using items such as tools plus tree. When you combine tool and tree, you will get wood. Now you can use the wood to create numerous other items such as dams, axes, pencils, fences, coffins, tents, even Trojan horses. So, there is not a limit to what you create. All you need is to know this easy way to create wood in the game and start exploring more.

It is a very exciting and unique game. You can get it on Play store and play it on your Smartphone. It also has leaderboards, and you can keep track of your friend’s activities. It is an easy game to play and have fun. It is a good game for kids who want to learn something new.