How To Practice Mindfulness
By Marc Gordon - May 8, 2022

While some might know what mindfulness is many actually do not know how to put it into practice. It is easy to say that one should practice mindfulness in their lives but where do you even begin with such a concept? For those who have no clue about what mindfulness is, here is a quick overview. Mindfulness also known as mindfulness meditation is a meditation style that focuses on what you may be feeling or sensing without having to interpret or understand it. It is about being in the moment without analyzing what is happening around you.

Getty Images/Westend61

First, you should find a quiet place for you to meditate, you should be able to ain’t comfortably. The next step is to close your eyes and sit in silence, you may have thoughts that come up and feel distracting but it is important to allow those thoughts to just fade away and not concentrate on them. This may be more of an issue when you first start but over time you become accustomed to ignoring these thoughts. You may begin to repeat a mantra of your choosing there are meditation audios that may do this for you, remember that your mantra only has to be at a whisper.

after one minute you can repeat it to yourself for your minutes. During this, you may have some thoughts that come but that is okay, all you have to do is slowly return to your mantra. After four minutes you can slowly bring yourself out. Over time you will increase the time that you stay in your state of meditation. You can increase it once a week. When you first start doing it once a day is fine but as you continue to become more comfortable with the practice you can move up to twice a day, once in the morning when you get up and once just before bed to get the most out of the practice.