All You Need to Know Before Playing Huntdown
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By Admin - 2020-05-13 05:23:33

A lot of old arcade genre games are making a comeback on the Gen Z consoles. Huntdown happens to be one of them, developed by Easy Trigger Games. Huntdown has been in the market for a long time now, but it was released for Xbox One on 12th May 2020. Huntdown is like any other 16-bit action game that you would have had the chance of playing in arcade gaming zones back in the old days. You might think of yourself as a big shot who grew up playing these action arcade games and think of this new release as a piece of cake, but it’s actually not. There are certain things you need to be well aware of before you jump into the ninety’s style gameplay.

Time is of the Essence

You have to be up and on your foot at any point in the game and place a well-timed move. Otherwise, you will find yourself in line on a death row. Don’t always rush on to the enemies, but stay in cover and wait for the perfect opportunity. If you feel the need, play defensive and rush from cover to cover before finding the right time to attack. One wrongly timed move and all your effort will go to waste.

Know Your Weapon

There are plenty of weapons waiting for you as you proceed through the levels, however, they all have different functionality and you will have to learn to make the best use of them. taking an example of a shotgun, it has a lot of damage but it will only work best for closer targets.

In case you are worried, you will have to rush for the weapons as soon as you spawn, each of the Bounty Hunters will have their default weapons with unlimited ammo. As always different Bounty Hunters will have different weapons and each of them will work differently. There will be semi-automatic guns, guns with more fire rate and less damage, and vice versa.

There will also be weapons scattered across the floor waiting to be picked up by you, but to your dismay, they won’t have unlimited ammo. Hence, if you come across some lit weapons save them for the tougher days, and use the default weapons meanwhile.

There are all Kinds of Antagonists

As diverse are the weapons of the game, the same is the case with the enemies you have to use them against. These enemies may have all kinds of different abilities, but nothing that you can’t defeat. All that you need to do is figure out the patterns at which each kind of enemy attacks. Also, be at your best game when you come across a boss. Boss fights may have you screaming at the screen, but you will be rewarded with a full health bar once you defeat them.

Look Out for the Hidden Secrets

The game is all about bringing justice to the criminals, and you might realize you have missed a few of them as they were hidden behind some wall, after you complete a level. Keep on a lookout for certain explosive barrels, they will expose the hidden truths.