Ion Fury — An Old-School First-Person Shooter
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By Admin - May 16, 2020

Brace yourselves for a game that is not only a first-person shooter with a theme from the ‘90s, but it also runs on an engine that is almost 25 years old. Ion Fury makes its way to Xbox One, which was initially released for PC last year, and after a year of restless wait, Voidpoint has brought the old-school shooter to the consoles.

The game will spawn you in the shoes of Shelly Harrison, who happens to be an operative at Global Defensive Force. The antagonists that you will have to fight will be cyborgs, but where did they originate? The mastermind behind these cyborgs is Dr Jadus Heskel, creating mischief from somewhere underground. Getting to him is the only way to save the city of Neo DC. But getting to him is not that easy, and the game will have you crying for mercy through 7 chapters and 30 levels.

If you have a soft spot for classic shooting games and a gameplay from the nineties, and all of that topped by a nostalgic storyline, then head over to the stores to get your copy of the game. However, if you happen to have a PC lying around, I might suggest getting a PC version of the game, since it has far minimal glitches that the recent console version.