Israel: Medical apartheid ONGOING, planned for the whole world!Biggest betrayals
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By Admin - March 15, 2021


Here’s the main points:

– the vaccine is not compulsory, BUT they make your life impossible without it!
– after travelling to Israel without a vaccine, you can choose to wear a wristband, in which case you are “free” to quarantine in your own home instead of the filthy hotels they force you in
– the government has a contract with Pfizer with unknown clauses and penalties, but they seem desperate to reach a certain quota of vaccination, like offering people a slice of pizza to get vaccinated
– people are being given zero informed consent. They are given the infection, sat for 15 minutes, then sent home. There are no papers. No data is being reported
– reports of people dropping dead after the jab are being suppressed/removed, there is “no connection” to the vaccine
– this is not a vaccine, it is an experimental gene treatment. They call it a vaccine to make you use the part of your brain which is not thinking.
– she started a political party, but is being heavily censored, they removed medical license of the party leader, not allowing them to open a bank account
– there is no other option than to give every fibre of energy and strength to battle this. The ball is in the air, and it’s a matter of who hits it. There is NO going back (to normal)