Jason Derulo Net worth 2020
By Admin - March 21, 2017

We all know about Jason Derulo. Well if you don’t know then don’t worry. He is a famous singer and a superb dancer. In this article, we are going to tell you about Jason Derulo Net Worth. So very happily his net worth is USD 10 Million. He has collected such a big amount of money through his concerts. He collected more money after selling his platinum record album. He also gained a lot of money while judging a dance reality show. Everybody is a fan of this singer and dancer with very swift moves. He also does songwriting. He has done this for many other performers like Sean Kingston, P.Diddy, and Lil Wayne etc.

The Amazing Start of the Singer’s Brand of Jason Derulo Net Worth

It was 2009 when a famous producer named J.R Rotem discovered the new voice of talented Jason Derulo. He was the one who released his first single debut that was “Whatcha Say”. The song gets so popular that on the Billboard it hit number 54 in Hot 100 chart. After that, during the mid of this year, it comes at number one. The amazing thing is that about four million digital downloads were observed in the USA which made this singer a 4X platinum artist.
His very next single was “In My Head” and it also earned very well. On Hot 100 chart it was on Number 5. After that, the singer decided to work on his album. He worked a lot to release four albums and his best famous songs were “Talk Dirty”, “Get Ugly”, and “Wiggle” etc. It sounds very good that Jason Derulo Net Worth was about USD 5.1 Million with just the sale of his albums at that time. In this amount, his personal appearance and tours are not included

Jason Derulo Net worth

Reality Dance Show Judge of Jason Derulo Net Worth

Jason Derulo Net Worth increased when he was given a chance to judge a dance reality show. Besides being an outstanding singer he is also a swift and smooth dancer. He never misses the opportunity to show his dance steps in each of his music videos. This ability made him the judge of many dance reality shows. In 2012 he judged a dance reality TV show named “Australia’s Everybody Dance Now. Unfortunately, this show was canceled for some unknown reasons. After that in 2013, he judged another TV show “Dancing with the Stars”. Derulo was offered a big paycheck for his appearance in this show. So this show proved to be a good addition in this blooming net worth.

Some of his Music Tours and Endorsements

The singer is not the brand ambassador of any company so his earnings depend on sponsorships and endorsements. Through these two means, he gets an annual income of USD 200,000. He has sold many of his concerts. In 2010 he was on his first world tour with many stops in the Europe and Australia. He is planning more Tours including road concerts in the coming year. Hope you have got much about Jason Derulo Net Worth.

Derulo has sold over 30 million singles and has achieved eleven Platinum singles, such as ‘Wiggle’, ‘Talk Dirty’, ‘In My Head’ and ‘Whatcha Say’. As of 2020Jason Derulo’s net worth is estimated to be roughly $10 Million dollars.