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By Admin - October 12, 2017

Jay Z Net Worth

Jay Z Net Worth

Jay Z is an American businessman, rapper and an actor. His real name is Shawn Carter. Jay Z net worth is about 810 million dollars in the month of May 2017. He is a very popular American rapper who had won the hearts of many youngsters through his music.

About Jay Z Awards

Jay Z has sold more than 100 million albums across the globe. He had received more than 21 Grammy awards for his different musical workings. He also had many further nominations.

What is Jay Z net worth

The net worth of Jay Z is more than 800 million dollars because he had made many record sales. Following are the record sales explained of Jay Z, have a look:

In the year of 2017,he had earned 200,000,000 dollars from stake sold to Sprint.
In 2016he had earned 610 Million dollars.
In 2015,Jay Z earned more than 56 Million dollars.
In 2014he had earned 520 Million dollars.
In 2013Jay Z made sale of his asset from which he earned 1,500,000 dollars. He also made contract with Samsung for which he earned 5,000,000 dollars.
In 2012 and 2011,he had earned approximately 450 Million dollars in each year.
In the year of 2010,he had appeared in different TV series. He earned 63 Million dollars in this year.

Net Worth Details of Jay Z

Jay Z earned 2,400,000 dollars from his album called The Blueprint 3. Jay has charged 5,000,000 dollars Royalty Fee from the Rocawear. He made sales of his assets in 2007. He made the sale of Rocawear in 204,000,000 dollars. Iconix Brand Group bought it. Not only that, he had also earned 1,600,000 dollars from his album called American Gangster.

In the year of 2006, he had released his album called Kingdom Come. He earned more than 3000 dollars from this album. It was not a record sale but Jay Z was satisfied with its response. In 2004, he had released many albums from which he had earned a lot of wealth. From his album named The Black Album, he had earned 4,000,000 dollars.

Jay Z net worth

He also released another album named Unfinished Business in 2004. From this album, he had earned 750,000 dollars. The total purchase value of his 7th-floor penthouse in New York was about 6,850,000 dollars.

In the start of 2002, he had released his album named The Blueprint 2: The Gift and The Curse. From this album, Jay Z earned 2,500,000 dollars. In addition, he released another album which was called The Best of Both Worlds.

The total sales of this album gave him 1,200,000 dollars. There are many other albums Jay Z released and also done business because of which Jay Z net worth became 810 million dollars.

$1 Billion
JayZ Net Worth: $1 Billion In 2020