All we know about Journey to the Savage Planet: Hot Garbage
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By Admin - April 18, 2020

The Typhoon studios took the world into their grasp when they came out with their most anticipated game, Journey to the Savage Planet, earlier this year. The game is published by the 505 studios and is available on all three major platforms: PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Taking a first look into the game it seems as if the Far Cry 4 and No Man’s Sky had a baby. Typhoon studios have not just developed an open-world game, they have developed an open universe game that shares its similarities with No Man’s Sky, a game based on a similar concept. The action present in the Journey to the Savage Planet is very similar to that of Far Cry 4, and this might not come out as a surprise, since both of the games come from the same developer. It is an open-world survival game, and perhaps the best of its kind.


The first thing the player notices as he jumps into the game is that the game is set in a weird alien-looking universe with nothing but floating islands. The first image that one develops is that a major part of the game would be related to the exploration of these islands in order to survive.
The game begins when you make a crash landing on a weird looking planet. The crash landing was, however, not a mistake and you were bound to end up on that planet, you just did not observe your landing skills properly. You are the CEO of one of the best space exploration firms on earth, known as the kindred technologies. You are sent on this planet to explore it and collect data to determine whether the planet can be inhabited by the humans or not. As you set out on your exploration you realize the planet is full of weird-looking floating islands. Another major find of your exploration is that you are not the first one who has taken a step on this planet. You come to know of this species by the giant prints it has left all over the planet, and the thing that troubles you the most is that why is that species not present on the planet anymore. While exploring the planet to collect data and report back, you are also on a lookout for fuel so that you can head back home once the job is done.

Understanding the Overhead Compass

Several different kinds of icons show up on the compass that is present at all times above the screen of your game. Different icons guide you towards different locations since it is an open-world game, it is important to have information regarding them;

  •   The orange-colored ‘K’ – the ‘K’ stands for the Kindred Technologies (your company), and as the name suggests, the marker guides you back towards your ship.
  •   The yellow-colored kite – this marker points out towards your existing mission
  •   the purple-colored kite – this marker guides you towards the mission, but only the secondary ones.
  •   the gift box – this marker guides you towards your loot once you die.

Here are some important facts that you should be aware of before you start playing the game.

Like any other open-world game, Journey to the Savage Planet too has its hidden secrets and some tips that you should know about.

Finding the Orange

Stamina is required for running for longer periods of time. How can one gain more stamina? Stamina can be gained by eating the oranges. Oranges are found hidden in the tall grass, cut through the grass to locate them. Here is a fun fact, if you listen closely, you can also hear those oranges throbbing.

How to Dodge an Attack?

Once you start exploring the planet, every now and then you will come across a wild animal. You do not necessarily have to fight off every single one of them, but you can just dodge their attacks. Dodging the animal attack is a game of reflexes. Let them charge at you and the instant they are about to plunge at you for the attack, move sideways. It is all about the perfect timing

Dealing with the Enemies

You pick a lot of material during your exploration. They are either bombs, other weapons, or some random material. Whenever you come across an enemy, throw stuff at them to defeat them.
Unlocking new upgrades
The game has an abundance of science experiment missions. These missions do not form the main part of the game but are more as side missions. Completing these science missions unlocks new upgrades for the weapons
Gaining extra resources
Your body does not disappear when you die. Once you respawn at your ship and travel back to where you had died previously, you will still find your corpse lying there. You get an option of burying your body shamefully. Opting for that will give you some extra resources.

What Photo to Pick on the First Login

When you first log in with your profile into the game, you are asked to choose a profile picture from the given pictures. Amongst those pictures choose the photo of a dog, this has nothing to do with the productivity if the gameplay, this is just for fun, since all your conversion will be nothing but grunts and growls.

Farming Carbon

You get two choices, whether you kill the birds in the game, or you feed them. Choosing the latter will fetch you almost twice the carbon you get from killing the bird. This trick, however, is useful only within the first few hours of the game.

The Rock Deposits

It will not harm you to keep an eye out for the rock deposits. They not only provide you with approximately fifty units of minerals but also indicate that something else useful might be nearby, such as the oranges.
Scanning will not disappoint you
It does not take very long to scan all the objects around you. nearly everything in the game can be scanned and scanning them can provide you with useful collectibles. As we proceed through the game, we forget about the scanning function the game has in store for us, so always keep it in your mind and keep scanning things whenever you remember it.

Opening Vaults That Contain Alien Alloys

The vaults that contain the alien allows are present inside the plants and they shut close as soon as you approach them. One way of opening them is to kill some monsters or shoot three of the pulsing oranges pods. The vaults are easier to locate in the beginning of the game but become difficult and difficult to find as we progress into the game.
All of the map cannot be accessed
if you are new to the game and have just started and you try to reach a place in the game but are unsuccessful in doing so, do not waste your time on it. There is a chance that the area is unlocked through some special upgrade or through a DLC

Do Not forget your ship!

Every now and then, pay your ship a visit. You can carry all the loot with you, and if you die you will have to go all the way back to the death place to access it all again. It is better and less exhausting that you pop back once in a while and save your loot in the ship.

Never Stop Exploring

The basic purpose of the game, and the most prominent aspect of it, is the fact that it is an open-world game. The purpose of developing an open-world game is to allow the players to explore as much as they want. The map of the game is filled with exciting challenges and hidden secrets. The only way of finding them is that you never stop exploring. Explore, and have fun!

The Hot Garbage DLC

As if the original game had not already shaken the gaming society, the Typhoon studios have come out with the very first DLC of the game, withing three months of its launch. The DLC is available for 8 dollars on all the platforms that run the original game. In this DLC we see a new evil organization taking its hold over the planet you are sent to explore. The name of the organization is the Vypar Corp, and it is said to be dumping toxic waste all over the planet. What we have to do in the DLC is to go after the crimes of Vyper. Vyper is protected by a robot named as Kronus. We will have to defeat Kronus in order to come across Vyper.