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Some Secrets Behind Kim kardashian net worth 2020
By Admin - July 15, 2017

If you need to know about kim kardashian net worth, you are standing here at the right place for the reason that this article is all about kim kardashian and her net worth. When we talk about the last year’s kim position in the list of first 100 celebs with most net worth, it was 42. By verification from various authentic sources, it is proved that kim has about £45 million net worth.

Kim is married to a famous rapper kanye west. Her father was a known defense lawyer, named as Robert Kardashian. Their family got much popularity for the reason that the father of kim was seen on the TV screens constantly at the time of divisive murder case. The mother and the father of Kim choose to get separated in 1991.

kim kardashian net worth

What is the actual net worth of kim kardashian?

At this time, kim is 36 years old and she is a married having two kids. She is a resident of Los Angeles, California and basically belongs to US. The people who are interested in kim’s net worth may also need to know her sources of wealth. When talking about the kim kardashian’s main sources of wealth, her star’s app comes first to the list. It’s a nice Hollywood app that is being loved by her fans all over the world. The fans of kim download this amazing app which enables them to formulate their virtual celebrity and in this way, they can experience and enjoy the lifestyle of A-list. Other than this, the main sources of income of kim include celeb appearances, brand deals as well as reality TV shows, most importantly. In the year 2014, kim kardashian managed to increase her net worth by almost £22 million. This was made possible merely because of kardashians events.

Also, the major portion of Kim kardashian net worth comes from showing up at various events as well as parties. Social media is also another source adding to her net worth as she has got million of followers there as well.

When we talk about the kardashian family, it is one of the richest as well as successful families in showbiz. They have combined net worth of £150 million. It’s not the end yet because it is rising with the each passing day and the major reason behind it is Kardashian franchise.

How much she lost in last year’s robbery?

If you know kim, it isn’t possible that you don’t know about the robbery happened to her last year. The people are wandering to know the exact amount which was taken in the robbery case of kim. If you are one of those people, I am telling you an accurate amount which is £ 8.5. It was the biggest loss for kim because the robbers looted the most expensive engagement ring of her which was given to her by Kanye West. It is reported that the jewelry box that was pinched was also really expensive, about £5 million.

Kim Kardashian net worth in 2020: $350 million