All about Lil Bibby Net Worth 2020
By Admin - April 8, 2017

There are all kinds of celebrities out there, and you may want to keep track of their net worth. There are movie stars, musicians, boxers and also recording artists. Although these recording artists do not make a lot of money annually, still you may like to keep track of their net worth. One of the famous recording artists is Lil Bibby. You are at the right place if you want to know about the Lil Bibby net worth.

Lil Bibby is not his real name. It is his stage name by which you may know him. His real name is Brandon Dickinson. He was born on July 18th, 1994 in Chicago Illinois. He is a young artist who has got a lot of fame. His fans are from all over the world. He has got a lot of potentials. He started his career in 2011. He is well known for his mixtape Free Crack. Here are a few more details about Lil Bibby.

Lil Bibby Net Worth in his early years

Lil Bibby started out with a huge success with his mixtape Free Crack. According to him, it is the reason for his success. According to him, the Kayne West’s track Crack Music inspired him to start his own. He also says that West is also from his birthplace Chicago, which was the reason it inspired him.

According to him, his two favorite rappers are Jadakiss and Drake. His first mixtape earned him a lot. During the year 2012, he earned almost 31,000 dollars. He also earned from his Album Free Crack $71,000 alone. It was a huge success for him. During the year 2012, his net worth was 285,714 dollars.

His income from various albums and songs are a lot more than many other rappers in the US. His income from Free Crack 2was 54 thousand dollars. The song “Know that” alone got him $40 thousand. He is one of the most successful rappers in the US. During the year 2013, his net worth was $400,000.

  Overall Lil Bibby net worth

 Lil Bibby net worth

The year 2014 was not very much successful for him, but still, he earned more than the last year. His net worth by the end of 2014 was 434,783 dollars. Like other rappers and celebrities, Lil Bibby also has contracts and sponsorships. It is through these sponsorships he earns a lot. His total net worth does not only include the annual salary or how much he earns from his songs and albums but also from the endorsements or contracts with TV. You can get the overall net worth by adding the salary, earnings from songs, ads, sponsorships, and other endorsements.

You may be amazed to know how Lill Bibby’s net worth increased in the next few years. During the year 2014 to 2015, his net worth was 500,000 dollars. As of today, Lil Bibby net worth is 1 million dollars. It is almost double as the previous years. It shows how famous he is a rapper and a music recorder.

As of April 2020Lil Bibby has a net worth of $8 million. The source of his income is primarily his music, which is mostly available for digital download. Apart from that, he augments his revenue earnings with brand deals and brand endorsements.