Lord of the Rings: Gollum — The Recent Screenshots Reveal Sends the Fans in a Frenzy!
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By Admin - May 6, 2020

How anticipated does a game really need to be when the fanatics go all out after a release of a few screenshots of an upcoming release. Lord of the Rings: Gollum is a game being developed by Daedalic Entertainment after being announced in March 2019. Daedalic Entertainment is a German-based video game developer and you will find the name quite familiar if you ever happened to play Deponia.

The screenshots that were released give away some important features of the game such as how Gollum is going to look, pretty cartoonish, and kinda cute if you ask me. The screenshots also showed what the enemies will look like, while they also featured the setting of the game. Most of the game seems to be set in dark underground caves however, among the eleven screenshots that were made available, there was one which showed a scene flooded with greenery, and it hit right at home. As far as the graphics of the game are concerned, they look mesmerizing as well. There are chances that the game might have elements of horror in it.

The developers have not given us any explicit information about the game as of yet, including the release dates, but they have popped up with teasers every now and then. Here is all the information that is available on the game at the moment.

The game will not be based on the movies, instead, it would be based on the book. The game will be set years back from where the actual story begins in the novel. With that being said, the developers have made it even more difficult to resist the temptations of the game and wait for its release.

It isn’t rocket science to figure out that the game will revolve around Gollum. Gollum would be imprisoned when the game begins, and it is hinted that we may be playing through some Prison Break scenes when the game begins.

As far as the gameplay is concerned, it will be more stealth focused and there are chances that Gollum will not receive a lot of abilities. The game is being developed in a way that it unfolds as a narrative in front of you. There is expected to be little action in the game. However, roaming through the Mordor fortress might become one of the many challenges in the game.

Since the game will be revolving around Gollum, it is necessary to get up to speed on his role in the series so far. Gollum made his first appearance in a novel named The Hobbit, in 1937, before making an appearance in Lord of the Rings. Before murdering his cousin Deagol and obtaining One Ring, he was known as Smeagol. This personality of Gollum will also be making an appearance in the game. The Ring did extend his life, but it came at a cost as it impacted his mind, soul, and body. Throughout the series, Gollum has stayed in a dilemma to lavish amidst the leisure brought to him by the Ring, or be free from it.

The 9th Gen Consoles

We don’t know about the exact release dates for the game but we do know for sure that it would be coming out next year. Do you know what else is coming out next year? The ninth generation of the home gaming consoles.

Unfortunately, the game has bid its farewells to the current generation of consoles and will be coming out on PS5, Xbox Series X, and PC. And here is why you should be excited to play the game on the next generation of consoles.

The ninth generation of consoles will be supporting an Ultra HD gameplay experience with their newer and powerful CPUs and GPUs. The real fun begins with the fancy new controllers that will come out with the newer generation of consoles. Not only will they have a better positioning of the buttons and joysticks for better controls, but they will also come with improved haptic feedback. With improved haptic feedback, your gaming experience would be made worthwhile and more realistic.


Right now, everything seems as if it’s in the air. The developers are releasing teasers ever since they announced the game, without giving out any solid information. What will be the storyline of the game? What will the graphics be like? How would the gameplay experience really be? It’s going to be a long, long wait to find that out!