You Will Never Believe These Bizarre Truth Behind Mimi Faust net worth 2020
By Admin - March 9, 2017

Mimi Faust is a famous reality TV star and she is also a famous business woman. She is also the famous cast member of a TV show named Love and Hip Hop. She was born on January 1st , 1970 in Virginia. She has one child. Mimi was brought up by a single mother and Mimi named her child after her. She earned her success by being in the relationship with the producer of Love and Hip Hop TV show named Stevie J.

This person is the famous producer of Love and Hip Hop. Here she worked with many famous co-stars like Diddy and Jay-z. Here in this article, we are going to get some information related to the Mimi Faust Net worth. Let’s check it out.

Mimi Faust net worth

net worth of Mimi Faust

Net worth of Mimi Faust

The relationship of Mimi Faust and Stevie was very strong. At the peak years of his husband Mimi faust net worth was USD 20 Million but the money owned by his husband was somehow mismanaged and he was about to lose everything. Mimi as a supporting wife was there to help Stevie in his crucial time period and she restored his finances and career. She just bought his studio when he was bankrupt. She was so helping that she gets back his career on track. She also bought responsibly all his stage equipment and gave funds for his music.  Beside all these supports and financial help, he was not faithful to Mimi Faust. So they get separated and he married to the fellow Love and Hip Hop cast mate whose name was Joseline.

Activities of Mimi Faust to Build her Career

In April 2014 Mimi just made collaboration with a singer and writer named Nikko Smith and he filmed a sex tape. This tape was released by Vivid Entertainment and in the coming seasons of Love and Hip Hop, this tape film was a big plotline. Many people including his ex-husband and his new wife presented their opinion about this tape film.

How Much Money does Mimi Make with Love and Hip Hop?

As per a guide on TV celebrity’s salaries that was presented two years before, Mimi Faust just earned USD 20,000 per episode of Love and Hip Hop. It is just a huge amount as compared to most of the stars of the TV reality show at that time. For “The Real House Wives” Nene just made twice than Lisa which is USD 500,000 per season. The season just had 13 episodes. As per an article that was published in Lucrative Business about the TV show Love and Hip Hop, Mimi Faust net worth is about USD 1.5 million. With Nikko Smith, he just earned USD 5 million for her sex tape. Beside all these, as per a report, the amount paid to Mimi Faust by Vivid entertainment for footage is about USD 100,000. So hoping that you have got many ideas about the Mimi faust net worth.

Net Worth in 2020:$2.5 million