More Men Are Embracing Jewelry
By Andrew Parker - March 12, 2022

The long-held view that bangles, earrings, and necklaces are feminine is gradually taking a back seat, thank God. Apart from the usual watches, an austere wedding band, possibly a school or signet ring, every other kind of jewelry was seen as a deviation from the ordinary. More men are now embracing their gold chains, rings, and earring, and creating killer looks with them for shoots, casual outings, and dinner. Following the lead of celebrities, the practice is spreading to the streets worldwide.

Getty Images/EyeEm/Shiv Mer

Men’s fashion is rapidly evolving – big gold chains and bracelets, medallions, rings, earrings, and cell phone cases made of precious metals and stones have already established themselves as the style’s primary symbols. So now the question is, should more men incorporate jewelry into their overall look? Again, the answer is a definite yes. Besides adding an extra oomph to your finished look, jewelry helps men show their personality. Common examples you can use are cufflinks and bracelets. Let’s take the cufflinks as our first example here. The cufflinks are perfect for formal events, weddings, etc. However, to avoid going overboard with cufflinks, stick with a simple style when going formal and take small risks by adding some design for weddings.

Men’s bracelets are simple and minimalist jewelry pieces appropriate for a wedding and a night out with friends. You can choose to pair bracelets to dress up or down your overall look. Bracelets can also be worn alone or with a watch and rings. Consider stacking bracelets in various metals and textures to make a powerful statement if you’re feeling more daring.
When picking your jewelry, try harmonizing your metals and deciding which pieces are appropriate for specific outfits and events.