Unfun Facts We Would Be Better Off Not Knowing
By Daniel Godley - March 13, 2022

The world is full of fun, thrilling, and interesting facts – facts that might make us giggle or even shake our heads in disbelief. But those fun facts are often easy to learn and easy to forget, filling us with a minute of introspection before we move on to the next task at hand. However, these facts are not those kinds of facts, these are the kind of facts worth holding on to and jotting down in our memory bank although they are often of the less fun variety. Just because they’re not fun doesn’t mean they aren’t interesting or worth knowing. In fact, unfun facts can be as fascinating as they are bizarre or terrifying. These facts will definitely be a conversation starter at your Sunday family dinners. This is our list of the least fun, but most important facts that everyone should know and remember.

According To Studies, Left-Handers Die At Least 3 Years Earlier Than Those Who Are Right-Handed.

GettyImages/Marco Bottigelli/Moment

If being left-handed in itself wasn’t hard enough. Being left-handed means that nothing quite fits right in your hands, your handwriting is likely going to be terrible, and using video game controllers are a nightmare. For those who are blessed by this arrangement of dexterity, there is more bad news. They are also more likely to die earlier than their right-handed counterparts. The reasons range, but a major contributor is the higher likelihood of suffering a fatal accident when handling power tools or driving as those who are left-handed operate them inherently incorrectly.