Natural Remedies For Stomach Flu
By Laura Lee - January 24, 2023

Stomach flu, otherwise known as gastroenteritis, is a very common but uncomfortable infection and is often caused by norovirus or rotavirus and is the consequence of consuming contaminated food or water. While traditional medicine is your best bet when you need relief from stomach flu symptoms, there are also some more natural remedies to speed up recovery and get back on your feet much faster. Keep reading to find out what these remedies for stomach flu are. When you have the stomach flu, your body needs rest to fight the infection. Get enough sleep and reduce the number of activities you usually do during the day. It means lounging on the couch when you are not in bed. While resting, your body works hard to fight infection and repair damage at the cellular level.

Getty Images/Moment/ Jena Ardell

Fluids are extremely important because you lose vital bodily fluids through sweating, vomiting, and diarrhea. If you have trouble keeping liquids down, try taking small sips at regular intervals or chewing on ice cubes. The best fluids to take are clear liquids, such as water and broth, over-the-counter supplements, such as Pedialyte (a good choice for all ages), sports drinks which can help replace electrolytes (this is recommended for older children) and adults) and certain teas, such as ginger and mint, can help calm the stomach and reduce nausea (avoid teas with lots of caffeine).

In a mix of stomach flu symptoms, you might be looking for what to eat for stomach flu. First, it is good to go back to eating solid foods and not force yourself to eat when you feel nauseous. The BRAT diet, which stands for banana, rice, apple sauce, and toast, is often recommended for people recovering from stomach flu. Why these four foods? In general, they are easy to digest and can also bind stools, which is useful when you have diarrhea. These simple foods can be a great start to the first few hours or days of eating solid foods when recovering from stomach flu.