Nelly Furtado Net Worth 2020- How Rich Is She?
By Admin - March 21, 2017

In singer’s dynasty, people consider Nelly Furtado as a bombshell. She is a famous singer, a songwriter and an actor with attractive blue eyes. Nelly is so talented that she has rocked the hearts of millions of her fans through hypnotizing voice. The outclass singer was born in Victoria. At a very little age, she decided to choose music as her career which proved to be a very wise decision. This Canadian singer is still delivering fantastic numbers. Her songs will remain on the top of the list of evergreen English songs forever. Nelly has an amazing music background. She just has an overwhelming talent in the music field. Her first song “Whoa Nelly’ was so famous that it won so many awards. Her single title “I am Like a Bird” also won so many recognitions. Let’s discuss Nelly Furtado Net Worth in this article.

Earnings of Nelly Furtado Net Worth

Nelly Furtado, Net Worth is about USD 25 Million which is about 150 Crore. She has earned this income with singing and acting skills. She is now 36 years old. She is a married lady and his husband is Demacio Castellon. Her hometown is Canada with ethnicity as Portuguese. Till 2017 her grand income is 25 million Dollars. This amount shows that she is the highest paid singer and actress. People consider her as a small pack with a lot of talents. She can sing, record, and produce music. Her other capabilities are guitar playing, songwriting and lyrics writing. She is also a multi-talented superb instrumentalist. Besides all this, she has hosted many shows. All these talents have made her collect more money and made her popular all around the world. This Canadian Single is flourishing every day. She has a successful note of 20 million sold albums with 20 million singles. It concludes as amazing 40 million sold records all around the world.

Nelly Furtado Net Worth

Nelly Furtado Net Worth Accommodation

After discussing Nelly Furtado Net Worth, we are now going to discuss her accommodation. Nelly was born in a middle-class family. She has a strong passion for singing. Her mother was a choir singer in a nearby church. His father also as interest in Portuguese music which is known as Fado. Nobody can imagine at that time that the little girl who is helping out her mother in the household can have a big house in Toronto. It is a very costly and aristocratic upper-class city where most of the big celebrities are living. The net worth of the house owned by Nelly Furtado is about 1.4 million. This cost is an estimated cost as per the market value of this house.

Number of Cars she Own

She had a very miserable childhood but now she has the top models of cars that equal to her allure and personality. She owns cars like Audi Q7 and Porsche etc. Besides all this, she is a woman with great humanity. She is the queen of every heart as she donates a lot for people who are suffering from AIDS. This is all about Nelly Furtado Net Worth.

$35 million
Net Worth & Salary of Nelly Furtado in 2020

As of April 2020, Nelly Furtado has an estimated net worth of $35 million. She has made most of her fortune with her career as a singer, actress, and songwriter.