New Features On The IOS
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By Andrew Parker - August 1, 2022

Apple eventually made iOS 16’s public beta accessible earlier this month. Apple only offered the developer beta before the public beta release, which was intended to allow app developers early access to iOS 16 to find significant flaws and make sure their apps are compatible with it. Anyone willing to take a little risk now that the public beta is out may install the OS upgrade and use the new capabilities. Despite seeing a reduction in battery life and less-than-perfect performance.

Getty Images/Future/Future Publishing

The best we had come to our iPhone keyboards imitating actual ones before iOS 16 was keyboard clicks. However, if you’re anything like me, you almost always keep the iPhone on vibration only, so you miss out on the iOS keyboard clicks’ trick on your brain. When typing, iOS 16 adds haptic feedback. If you enable haptic feedback on your iPhone, it will vibrate slightly while you type whether or not your sound is on. Having access to iMessage, often known as the blue bubble club, is one of the most popular features of the iPhone. iMessage offers many benefits, and iOS 16 adds three new features that are much-welcomed: mark as unread, unsend, and edit.

To maintain our privacy, iOS 16 introduces two new restricted picture albums. The “eyes only” idea, where you may password secure specific tagged photographs, is probably known to Snapchat users. The app store has been flooded for years by applications that provide this capability. Our picture libraries now have a higher level of privacy thanks to iOS 16. Giving someone your phone to play a game with your kids or make a phone call is typical. However, they presently have access to your photo collection, including the pictures you’ve concealed. A new media player that displays music albums and podcast artwork in full screen is one of the new lock screen features in iOS 16, including widgets and new wallpaper selections.