Top Six Game Played Without WiFi
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By Admin - July 15, 2017

Mobile becomes an addiction of most of the young generation. It is necessity for some and comfort for many. It is a partner in boredom to many. People use social media for connecting with their friends, read the book and explore new research work.  Yet there are some peoples who like to play online games.  One thing is common in all of these activities, and that is need of internet. This need is increasing day by day. Yet there are situations in which a person needs to use the phone but with using the internet or spending a penny.  People latterly want some no wifi games. So here is the list of games which can be used without the internet.


Orbital Nine created Brain it on! The games belong to brain games. The games are the choice of many physics love. In this challenging game, one draws different shapes to solve puzzles. The game is versatile with different solutions for one problem. The game is designed so that one can play in different ways with sticking to the same situation all the time.



Paper toss by backflip studio is one of the simple and exciting games. The games like basketball throw. One has to shot a crumbled paper piece in the basket. The game is made difficult by adding distances and fan. The game is best when waiting for your turn at doctor`s, on the bus and anywhere where there is boredom.


There are many other no wifi games like word search, Jenga, Poptropica, and many other games. So worry no and download them in your phones to enjoy while there is no one except boredom.