Top non Wifi games of 2017
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By Admin - July 27, 2017

Nowadays android and IOS system are full of games. The person can install a number of games to kill the spare time. Many games run when the phone or the computer is connected with Wifi but there are non wifi games are also available that person can play when there is no access to the internet is present. A variety of games is present in the app store that the person can play without the internet. The top rated games of 2017 that the player can enjoy without the data package are as following

non Wifi games

Angry birds

It is one of the top games of the year billion of people have downloaded it. The game does not require the Wifi to play. It is available both in Android and the IOS system. The game strategy is very easy and the player plays with the interest. He has to slingshot to launch the birds on the pig station. The player needs skill, logic, and forced to play. It is basically the physics based game and the player has to set correct strategy or angle to hit the pigs.

Subway Surfers

It is another awesome game that the player can enjoy without the internet. The person can download it free of cost and enjoy the unlimited run. The main purpose of the game is to collect the coins and prevent the runner from the obstacles that come in the path. Different power ups like a jetpack, coin magnet are added to make the game more interesting. Different missions are present that provide the rewards thus making the game more fascinating for players.

Jetpack joyride

This is the endless running game available both in Android and IOS system. The protagonist steals the jetpack that is armed with the machine gun. It is much identical to the subway surfers, the player runs and collects the coin to progress towards the other level. There are high tech gadgets that can help the player to face different challenges of the game. Different outfits are present that can give the jockey different looks some dresses are so funny that give the ridiculous look.

Bike race

It is one of the best racing game and the top rated game. It is an interesting nonwifi game in which the player trains the racer in a single game and can play different tournaments. It is the straightforward game. A number of tracks and challenges are present that make the game more appealing.

Unblock me free

It is the game that comes under the category of the mind games. The player can download and then play without internet connection. The basic aim of the game is to release the red block that is present between other blocks. The game has two modes, one is relaxed mode while the other is the challenging mode.  The player can connect through internet to play the game with multiplayer all around the world.

There are many games available in the app store that the user can download and enjoy the unlimited fun without the presence of internet.