Best Review Ray j Net Worth – Don’t Miss|The Updated Earnings & Salary

Best Review Ray j Net Worth

Best Review Ray j Net Worth

Best Review Ray j Net Worth


Ray j Net Worth

Ray J is a very famous actor, rapper, and a music producer. He has a net worth of six million dollars. He was born in Mississippi and raised up in California. He is the young brother of a famous singer Brandy. Also, he is the cousin of a rap artist known as Snoop Dogg.

Beginning of Career

Ray J started his career in acting. He appeared on the TV shows like The Sinbad Show its extraordinary season, Moesha, big sister Brandy’s show and One on One. He also worked in films like Envy, Steel and Mars Attacks.

When he reached the age of fourteen than Ray J launched his debut album called Everything You Want. After the success of this album he released many albums like Raydiation, Ain’t a Game, All I Feel, etc. He got back on TV in the year of 2009 with a reality dating show known as For the Love of Ray J. This show had two successful seasons.


Record Sales of Ray J

There were four years when Ray J had made record sales with his albums.

In 1997 Ray J got 107,000 dollars from 100 copies of his album Everything You Want.
In 2001 He got 328,000 dollars from 300 copies of his album This Ain’t a Game.
In 2005 He earned 456,000 dollars from 400 copies of his album Raydiation
In 2008 He earned 389,000 dollars from 350 copies of his album All I Feel.

Ray j Net Worth got increased year by year after his album All I Feel.

Other Earnings

At the beginning of 2007, Ray J made a sex tape with his X girlfriend Kim Kardashian. This home-made sex tape was then made public. However, his girlfriend Kardashian sued Vivid Entertainment for the possession of the tape. Then the suit was settled for about five million dollars.

Ray j Net Worth

This sex tape brings more than 370,000 for Ray J every year in the royalties. Ray J earned a lot of money by endorsing different brands. In the year of 2012, he made 1 million dollars by endorsing a skin care brand called Premier Ingrown Hair Serum. He had a deal with PrinceReigns that was a skin care company recognized for this serum. Ray j Net Worth was 3 million dollars at the end of 2012.

From the year of 2014 to 2016, he hosted a reality show series called Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood. He earned more than 25000 dollars for every episode of this reality show. It means that he has earned more than 1,075,000 dollars from this reality show as it had total 43 episodes.

He also got involved in the Celebrity Big Brother from which he was going to earn 1 million dollars, but he had to leave the show because of the severe dental problem. In the year of 2016, Ray J opened a store in Los Angeles which is quite famed. In Raytroniks, every piece of Scoot-E-Bike goes for about 1700 dollars. It has been estimated that Ray j Net Worth reached six million dollars for last two years.

Secret Review Eazy E Net Worth 2016-2017 One of the Famous Rapper|Don’t Miss

Secret Review Eazy E Net Worth 2016-2017 One of the Famous Rapper|Don’t Miss



Eazy-E was a very famous American rapper. The net worth of Eazy-E is 8 million dollars. He has performed with hip-hop group NWA from which he earned most of his wealth. He gained a small amount of cash from the solo performance. He was born in the year of 1963. The real name of Eazy-E is Eric Lynn Wright. He was brought up in the Compton, Los Angeles.

Beginning of Career

When he was a teenager, then he founded a group known as NWA with Dr.Dre, Ice Cube, and MC Ren. This group became one of the best hip hop groups of all times. NWA was introduced in the year of 1988. It is one of the most contentious rap releases of all time known as Straight Outta Compton. This group made 2 more albums after Straight Outta Compton album. After that, Eazy-E fought with Dr.Dre because of which he left the group.

Eazy E net worth

Eazy E net worth from Record Sales


In 1999 the estimated earnings of Eazy-E were 1,060,000$ from the compilation album called The NWA Legacy Volume 1. It was made with California hip hop group NWA.
In 1995, he earned 1,000,000$ from his albums called Eternal E and Streets of Muthaphukkin Compton.
In 1993 he earned 2,000,000$ from his EP It’s on 187um Killa.
In the year of 1991 he had earned 2,100,000$ from his album called Niggaz4Life which he made with California hip hop group NWA.
In 1990 he had earned 1,000,000$ from his EP 100 Miles and Runnin’ which he made with California hip hop group NWA.
In 1988 the estimated earnings of Eazy-E was 5,800,000$. He earned this huge amount from his two albums known as Straight Outta Compton and Eazy-Duz-It. Straight Outta Compton was the album he made with California hip hop group NWA.
In the year of 1987 he had earned 500,000$ from the compilation of his album NWA and the Posse. He made this album with California hip hop group NWA.


The Eazy E net worth got increased with the passage of time, but he had a successful career with hip hop group NWA California. His solo albums didn’t pay him much as he earned with California hip hop group NWA.


Other Eazy E net worth

At the beginning of 1996, Eazy-E made an album which was called Greatest Hits with NWA California hip hop group. He had earned 600,000$ from this album. This album didn’t hit the records much but made Eazy-E quite popular. He had done many performances in 1994 with the hip hop group from which he earned 400,000$. In the middle of 1992, he had earned 500,000$ from his EP 5150: Home 4 The Sick. He had also performed well in different shows from which he earned 300,000$. Therefore, it is not so difficult to guess that why Eazy-E net worth was 8 million dollars.

Secret Review T Pain Net Worth 2016-2017, Multitalented Rapper|Don’t Miss

Secret Review T Pain Net Worth 2016-2017, Multitalented Rapper|Don’t Miss

Secret Review T Pain Net Worth 2016-2017, Multitalented Rapper|Don't Miss


What is T Pain Net Worth

T pain is an American singer, song writer, record producer, actor and a rapper. His real name is Faheem Rasheed Najm. It has been estimated that his net worth is 35 million dollars. He was born in Florida.

Beginning of Career of T Pain:

T pain started his career as a rapper. He brought AutoTune in front of hip hop. T pain joined a rapping group which was known as Nappy Headz. However, he left the group due to some reasons. As a solo R&B artist, he recorded a song which was called “I’m Fucked Up”. This song was a personal take on one of Akon’s biggest hit called “Locked Up”. This song made him popular in a short time. When Akon heard the song then he asked T Pain to join him. T pain signed a contract with Akon on his Jive-distributed Konvict Muzik label.

T Pain Net Worth


T pain net worth from Record Sales

T Pain made record sales in different years. He got too much famous when he came under the wings of Akon. Have a look at the following records sales of T Pain:

• In the year of 2011 the estimated earnings of T Pain were five million dollars. In this year he made an album called Revolver. More than 110,076 copies of this album were sold which gave him $120,000.
• In 2010, he had earned six million dollars. He performed in different shows and did many songs which earned him this huge amount.
• 2009 was a very lucky year for T Pain He had earned 15 million dollars in this entire year. He did acting, singing, song writing and rapping which made him quite wealthy.
• In the year of 2008, he only earned $500,000 from his album Three Ringz. It was certified as gold by the RIAA.

The net worth of T Pain got increased with the time but he had a successful career with Akon. He was a multi-talented person due to which he had made record sales in different years. 2009 was one of the best years for T Pain as he earned his maximum wealth this year.

Other T pain net worth

In the year of 2007, T Pain released just one album which was certified as gold by RIANZ and RIAA. This album gave him $507,500. The estimated earnings of T Pain in 2005 were just $500,000. He earned this amount from his album called Rappa Ternt Sanga.

This album was certified gold by RIAA. After the release of his first album, T Pain produced different big hits on his own. He also produced hits for other R&B singers as well as rappers from which earned handsome amount. He did many things throughout his career because of which T pain net worth is estimated as 35 million dollars.

Amazing Review Ice T Net Worth Popular Rapper & Artist|You Need to know

Amazing Review Ice T Net Worth Popular Rapper & Artist|You Need to know


What is Ice T Net Worth

Ice T is an American singer, rapper and also an actor. Furthermore, he is a record producer, businessman, and a screenwriter. He is quite a multitalented person whose estimated net worth is 35 million dollars. His real name was Tracy Lauren Marrow. He was born on 16 February in the year of 1958. He was brought up and born in New Jersey, USA. Ice T is currently married to Nicole Austin who is known as Coco Marie. He has two children from his previous affairs with LeTesha and Ice Tracy Marrow.


Beginning of Career

Ice T started his career in 1987. He was signed by the Sire Records. After that, he had released his debut album which was called Rhyme Pays. One year later, he released Rhyme Syndicate Records label. It was led to the launch of his sophomore album which was called Power. However, it was followed by the release and launching of his many other albums. The name of these albums was Home Invasion, O.G. Original Gangster, The Iceberg/Freedom of Speech…Just Watch What You Say, The Seventh Deadly Sin, Ice-T VI: Return of the Real as well as Gangsta Rap.


Ice t net worth from Record Sales

Ice T launched many albums from which he had made record sales. Some of his record sales are explained below:

• In the year of 2012 he had earned 3.2 million dollars. The total asset value of Coco and Ice T’s home in the New Jersey was about $2,100,000.
• In 1995, Ice T’s salary was $1,000,000. This salary was given to him for the film called Tank Girl.
• In 1993, he released his album called Original Gangster. The estimated earnings from this album were $543,000. This album was certified as gold by RIAA. He also released Home Invasion album this year which made him earn $567,000. Ice T earned total 1,110,000 dollars this year.


Other Ice t net worth

In 1989, he launched his album called The Iceberg/Freedom Of Speech…Just Watch What You Say! This album was quite a big hit and gave him $538,000. In the year of 1988, he released his album called Power which was certified as platinum by RIAA.


Ice t net worth

He only earned 1,320 dollars from this album. In 1987, he launched his album which was called Rhyme Pays. The estimated earnings from Ice T’s this album was about $524,000.

In 1991, he won the Grammy Award for Best Rap Performance for his album Back on the Block. From this album, he had earned around 1 million dollars. He had worked with many singers, rappers and done business as well. Ice t net worth was turned out to be 35 million dollars for his hard work and determination.

Best Review Jay Z Net Worth 2017 – A Business Actor|Music Sales & Concert Earnings! You need to Know

Jay Z Net Worth


Jay Z Net Worth

Jay Z is an American businessman, rapper and an actor. His real name is Shawn Carter. Jay Z net worth is about 810 million dollars in the month of May 2017. He is a very popular American rapper who had won the hearts of many youngsters through his music.

About Jay Z Awards

Jay Z has sold more than 100 million albums across the globe. He had received more than 21 Grammy awards for his different musical workings. He also had many further nominations.


What is Jay Z net worth

The net worth of Jay Z is more than 800 million dollars because he had made many record sales. Following are the record sales explained of Jay Z, have a look:

In the year of 2017, he had earned 200,000,000 dollars from stake sold to Sprint.
In 2016 he had earned 610 Million dollars.
In 2015, Jay Z earned more than 56 Million dollars.
In 2014 he had earned 520 Million dollars.
In 2013 Jay Z made sale of his asset from which he earned 1,500,000 dollars. He also made contract with Samsung for which he earned 5,000,000 dollars.
In 2012 and 2011, he had earned approximately 450 Million dollars in each year.
In the year of 2010, he had appeared in different TV series. He earned 63 Million dollars in this year.


Net Worth Details of Jay Z

Jay Z earned 2,400,000 dollars from his album called The Blueprint 3. Jay has charged 5,000,000 dollars Royalty Fee from the Rocawear. He made sales of his assets in 2007. He made the sale of Rocawear in 204,000,000 dollars. Iconix Brand Group bought it. Not only that, he had also earned 1,600,000 dollars from his album called American Gangster.

In the year of 2006, he had released his album called Kingdom Come. He earned more than 3000 dollars from this album. It was not a record sale but Jay Z was satisfied with its response. In 2004, he had released many albums from which he had earned a lot of wealth. From his album named The Black Album, he had earned 4,000,000 dollars.

Jay Z net worth

He also released another album named Unfinished Business in 2004. From this album, he had earned 750,000 dollars. The total purchase value of his 7th-floor penthouse in New York was about 6,850,000 dollars.

In the start of 2002, he had released his album named The Blueprint 2: The Gift and The Curse. From this album, Jay Z earned 2,500,000 dollars. In addition, he released another album which was called The Best of Both Worlds.

The total sales of this album gave him 1,200,000 dollars. There are many other albums Jay Z released and also done business because of which Jay Z net worth became 810 million dollars.

Best Review Juicy j net worth – Rapper & Song Writer| Salary, House, Car, Single & Family – 2017

Juicy j net worth


Juicy j Net Worth

Juicy J is a well-recognized rapper, record producer as well as a song writer. His real name is Jordan Micheal Houston. He was born in the year of 1975 on April 5. His birth place is Tennessee. Juicy J cofounded a group which was known as “Three 6 Mafia”. After that, he had launched his 3 studio albums which generated a large amount of cash for him. Juicy j net worth is around 20 million dollars.

Successful Start

Juicy J is a 42 years old rapper who got fame in the year of 1991 when he made “Three 6 Mafia” group. In the year of 1994, he had started his personal entertainment company which was known as Prophet Entertainment.

He started this company with another rapper called DJ Paul. After that, he left it to make another label which was known as Hypnotize Minds. He had many fellow members including the Crunchy Black, Koopsta Knicca, Lord Infamous and Gangsta Boo.

In the year of 1995, this group launched its debut album which was titled as Mystic Stylez. After the success of this debut album, they made eight studio albums which were of great success.

Net Worth of Juicy J

Juicy J is a multi talented person who earned a lot of wealth from the music industry. He had made record sales in a few years of his career. We are going to explain his asset and earnings below have a look:

• In the year of 2014 the value of his 2014 Rolls Royce Phantom turned out to be 402,000 dollars.
• In 2013, he earned 1 million dollars from his album sales while his salary for producing a single song was 200,000 dollars.
• In the year of 2010, the sale of his Sherman Oaks home was about 1,830,000 dollars.

Juicy j net worth Details

Juicy j net worth Details

Three 6 Mafia group of Juicy J had a record deal with the Sony Entertainment company. They had to launch their sixth album in the year of 2003 which was named as “Da Unbreakables”.

This album was a big hit and more than 700,000 copies of this album were sold worldwide. This album had a huge impact on the wealth of Juicy J. It was ranked on 2nd position on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums. Not just that, it also came to 4th position on the Billboard 200.

Like all other members of the Three 6 Mafia group, Juicy J started his solo career in the beginning of 2000. He reached a moderate success from his first debut album called “Chronicles of the Juice Man”. This album was launched in the year of 2002.

He had earned around 1 million dollars from the sales of this album. His third solo album was released in the year of 2013 called “Stay Trippy”. From this album, he had earned 1.5 million dollars. So, it would not be difficult to guess that why Juicy j net worth is 20 million dollars.

Best Review Marcus Lemonis Net Worth 2017: How Much Is Marcus Lemonis Worth?

marcus lemonis net worth
Marcus Lemonis Worth: from Lebanon to popularity. Marcus Lemonis Net Worth is  $ 100,000. If you really want to know more about a millionaire like Marcus Lemonis, here’s your chance.
Marcus Lemonis Biography
Lemonis was not born in the United States, actually in Lebanon. Beirut was in danger of being a public war. Fortunately, a classical family living in Miami, Florida, when he was still a child, they embraced Lemonis (gave him his label). The car is actually the interest of his family. Therefore, Lemonis eventually considered the vehicle. In his early life, Marcus learned how to use his fist to rotate. After getting a degree, he worked in the Florida office but failed. He decided to change his profession, rather than allowing this reduction to disappoint him.
Outdoor camping and mobile home wealth
But how did Lemonis do his $ 100,000? Believe this or the other, actually did not come from his TV show CNBC’s profits.
By traveling and buying smaller RV car dealers across the country, Lemonis made camping outdoor planets and mountain businesses. Often, Lemonis is actually called unconventional. Even so, his current RV car company also more than a hundred more.
Marcus Levis is really worthwhile to: turn off Lebanon to prominence. Marcus Lemonis has a net worth about $ 100 million. How does Lemonis cope with the production of his first $ ONE million? If you ever thought about finding a millionaire like Marcus Lemonis, it was your chance.

Annual Compensation

Bonus $1,254,540
Salary $1,125,000
Total Annual Compensation $2,379,540

Stocks Options

All Other Compensation $63,346

Total Compensation

Total Annual Cash Compensation $5,063,346
Total Long Term Compensation $63,346
Total Short Term Compensation $2,379,540
Total Calculated Compensation $5,063,346

Board Members Memberships

Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer, and President
FreedomRoads/Camping World
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Camping World, Inc.
2016-Present: Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Camping World Holdings, Inc.

2011-Present: Chief Executive Officer, President, Chief Executive Officer of Camping World Inc, President of Camping World Inc and Director
Good Sam Enterprises, LLC

Other Affiliations

  1. Affinity Group Holding, LLC
  2. Good Sam Enterprises, LLC
  3. Holiday RV Superstores, Inc.
  4. Camping World, Inc.
  5. Ml Acquisition Company, LLC
  6. Marquette University
  7. FreedomRoads/Camping World
  8. FreedomRoads, LLC

How Much is Joey Diaz Net Worth 2017 & 2018?

Joey Diaz Net Worth

Production of José Antonio Díaz in Havana, Cuba In 1963, Joey Diaz grew up in New Jersey and died with his parents and fought with law enforcement officers. Joey Diaz Net Worth is $500,000.  Diaz said his comedy career began when he was cast on the prisoner when he was projecting the projector at movie night. Once released, Diaz moved to La, benefiting from the city’s open microphone night, and began working on television and film. As a convoy, he got some of the “Spider-Man 2”, “Taxi” and “Law and Order” in 2005, “the longest yard.” A few years later, also appeared several episodes “my name is the count”. Diaz lived on the pull, but held a charity opportunity to help him raise money at Northern Bergen’s northern high school of New York.

Amazing Review Craig Biggio Net Worth 2017

Craig Biggio Net Worth


Do you  want to know how much Craig Biggio is worth? Or maybe you’re curious about Craig Biggio’s salary this year? Fortunately, we got the net details of Craig Biggio in 2017. In 2017,Craig Biggio Net Worth was estimated at $ 50 million.


Fans, please consider that we do not have access to Craig Biggio’s bank account. Craig Biggio’s data on net worth and previous payroll data have been reported by some reliable sources and websites. However, several factors affect the net worth of celebrities, such as taxes, management fees, income or loss of investment, marriage, divorce and so on. Therefore, the previous value, revenue or revenue statistics may not be 100% accurate. We respect the privacy of others, so please do not drag the celebrity or abduct anyone’s account and send us a message – let’s pretend we do not know you.

Secret Review About Tiffany Trump’s Net Worth 2017 |You Need To know

Tiffany Trump’s Net Worth
Compared to the three older daughters of Donald Trump, Tiffany’s youngest daughter seemed to be far from the focus, and  Tiffany Trump’s Net Worth in 2017 was $ 11 million. The other half brothers and siblings are taking the ace of the business world created by their father Donald. While Tiffany is still with her mother, she does not care about Donald’s business. Marie Maples’ mother Tiffany Trump has a net worth of $ 30 million, not less than Melania.
Tiffany Trump’s Net Worth
Tiffany Trump worked for her income in different fields. Some of its sources are singing and modeling. She is interested in singing and next to her school. When he was in school, he released “like a bird” (what is the rich heir and what is automatic tuning?). In addition to singing, Tiffany has been her sister Ivan Card example. Both are very fit and ideal for 5-foot, 11-inch and 5-foot 8-inch models, respectively. She alone on the side of Vogue only recorded, as a dazzling model, Tiffany in New York Fashion Week 2013, walked through Andrew Warren. Her half sister, Ivanka Trump, was hired by New York Fashion Week in 2013.