Struggles behind Paul Wall Net Worth 2020
By Admin - March 24, 2017

Paul Wall is a professional American singer and rapper. His real name is Paul Michel Slayton but his stage name is Paul Wall and he is famous professionally by this name. Paul Wall was born on 11 March in 1981 in Texas USA. Both of his parents raised him. He did his graduation from Jersey Village High School. He has done his masters in mass communication from Houston University. Paul Wall married his girlfriend Crystal and they had 2 children. His passion brought him to the industry of music. Initially, he started singing songs in different teams and groups but later on, he started to work alone and release many albums.

Paul Wall net worth

Initial Career:

Being a rapper he is much admired by people and is famous throughout the world for Rapping. To make new tunes he has worked with several other rappers. He got signed to Atlantic records in 2005 and he released his first debut album in cooperation with records. The name of that album is The People Champ. For the year 2007 two albums Get Money and Stay True earned a lot of wealth and reputation and these albums are his best hits for 2007. He also signed a deal with Swishouse, another music Company. With the teamwork of Chamillionaire, he released various albums. In 2012 he released a mixtape ‘No Sleep’ in Houston.

Paul Wall Net Worth: $13,000,000

For the year of 2016-2017, the Paul Wall net worth is approximate $ 13 Million. Estimated income per year of 2016-2017 is around $ 1,500,000. For the year 2016-2017 his earning from featuring, ads and sponsorship are around $ 587,293. After ruling rapping world he decided to become an actor and joined the world of movies. The Roaches was the first Show in which he appeared. Later he appeared in different movies also like Xtinction, Predator X and Furance. His movie Furance earned $ 750,000. Another movie of Paul Wall Predator X did the business of $ 565,932. He also signed with a gaming company named as Jump Shot and designed a game Battle Rap Stars.

Earning from Albums:

He has earned a lot from his albums and all are super hits. In 2002, he launched an album ‘Get Ya Mind Correct’ and earned $ 157,000. His another album, ‘Peoples Champs’ made a business of $ 1,000,000 in 2005. In 2007 his album ‘Get money, Stay tune’ earned $ 94000. From 2009 to 2011 he worked as an actor in the movie industry. Paul Wall entered mobile music and gaming industry from 2011 to today.
Paul Wall net worth till 2016-2017 is $ 13 Million. He is earning 1,500,000 approximately per year. His movie ‘Player’s School’ did a business of $ 1,970,000. From another movie ‘Def Jam: Icon’ he earned $ 816,900. From Soul Music, he earned $ 669,813. He earned $ 818,162 from his movie Fast life. In short simply his total income from movies $ 5,590,807. In 2016, Paul Wall total net worth was $ 12.5 million but now in 2017, his net worth is totaled as 13 $million.

Paul Wall is a very well known rapper that has built an incredible net worth throughout his career. He is currently a member of Expensive Taste which is a rap group that consists of rappers Travis Baker and Skinhead Rob. As of 2020Paul Wall’s net worth is estimated to be $5 million dollars