Phase 1: 911 War of Terror, Phase 2: CoVid the Great Reset, the NWO WAR on Humanity
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By Admin - March 17, 2021

Phase 1: 9/11/2001 Phase 2: CoVid

Even if you don’t believe in Jesus(church Rapture),
EMP’s or The Space Aliens – that will be blamed (Cover Story)
by the New World Order for all the missing people ahead.

The Experimental CoVid “Vaccines” are
going to TAKE a lot (Millions) of People OUT of the Picture
in Just the Next Few YEARS….

Mind Control / Programming
Just like Avengers Infinity Wars Set up in peoples minds
what a Mass Die off of people in a society will look like.
When people are all “Missing”, Grieving and just trying
to survive with so many gone….
It is a Sad Picture, and Just Like 9/11/2001 was done
to control and manipulate People into accepting the
Endless WAR of TERROR.
The CoVid Calamity was Engineered to control and
manipulate People into accepting the Great RESET.

The NWO used Poor people in USA as Cannon Fodder in the
War of Terror waged against the World…
Unemployed desperate people with no Jobs joined the
Fight against Terror, and helped spread it around the
world for the Globalists who wanted to dominate the
Middle East.

Now (COVID) has been used to Destroy the Entire Country
and make the Majority of Everyone Poor, Unemployed and
desperate, The Economy Bubble had Popped, and the
Bankers needed people to Blame someone other than them.
Enter the Criminal Government / Media / Corporation Cabal: (Operation CoVID) Smokescreen to Distract and
Obscure the Real Terrorists Using a Fake Pandemic
to usher in a Man Made Genocid (using “CoVid Vaccines”)
that will Kill, Sterilize and Disable the Vast Majority
off all those Mind Controlled (Programmed) slaves who
Take the Experimental “Vaccines” that make them
Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO’s) Property of
the Mark of the Beast –


Johnson and Johnson and other NON mRNA vaccines had to
be rolled out to Confuse the Issue of taking a Genetic
altering Vaccine for CoVid… But they will also have
Long term Effects that like the Polio Vaccine (Cancer Causing SV-40) may not be admitted or known for years.

Calling CoVid Mandates and Restrictions
needed for Safety and Security
is the same thing as
Calling Terrorism Hugs and Love.
CoVid “Vaccines” are inspired by Satan
who LOVES People to “DEATH”.

The MASK was the Conditioning for
the MARK

The Movie Theaters are Set to “re-OPEN” in May
with More Marvel Madness (BLACK Widow)
The BIG Corporations have been COMPLIANT with the CoVID Program from the Beginning.
IF they WANT Millions of Injected (GMO Altered)
Walking Bio-Experiments all in a Dark Theater
getting a NEW batch of Programming, Eating / Drinking
GMO Garbage to weaken (Trigger) their X-MEN Mutations
to Activate, I say Don’t Go, Let all those who
play Satan’s Game, face his End Game without you.