Posture When Typing
By Alexandra Wade - April 12, 2022

As we live in a world where most work has to be done on a desktop or laptop we have to think about the effect this may have on our health. How we sit while we are typing on a computer may affect our backs in the long run. That is why we should be considerate of our posture when we are typing, especially if we are going to be doing it over long periods. As people type, they tend to hunch over towards the screen and bend their knees towards themselves.

Getty Images/Moment/ Carolyn Ann Ryan

You should be sitting up straight as this puts less tension on your back. Your bottom should touch the end of your seat and your shoulders should be straight back. You should keep your body straight and try not to lean to one side or the other so that your body weight can be evenly distributed. The position of your feet should be flat on the ground to ease tension on your ankles and knees. While your elbow needs to be placed at a ninety-degree angle in order to prevent you from putting constant pressure on them that may affect you in years to come.

Your hands should hover over the keyboard and not rest on top of it by the wrist as many people tend to allow. Your hands should be level or lower than your elbows when typing. Your keyboard and mouse should be close together. The top of the monitor you are working on should be at eye level with you and the screen should be thirty or so centimeters away from you, as you would like to avoid putting repetitive strain on them as it may affect your vision. This will also help with relieving the strain that you may unknowingly be putting on your neck.