Predator Hunting Grounds to Receive a Major DLC
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By Admin - 2020-05-13 05:17:14

We all have talked to his hand, we have seen him destroy enemies twice his size with nothing but bare hands, and we have seen him bursting vehicles with those heavy-duty machine guns. What we haven’t seen is his appearance in the character of Dutch since the ’87 Predator movie. Well, guess what? He has made an appearance where we least expected it!

Predator: Hunting grounds by IIIFonic was released on 24th April, and to be very honest, the game has not lived up to its hype, yet. Playing with humans will put you to sleep within moments of entering into the battle. The gameplay with Predators is comparatively more fun, but then again, the game offers only a few loads out choices for them.

To stay in the game, IIIFonic has made an extraordinary leap and scored Arnold Schwarzenegger as a voice behind one of the new Predators they are about to introduce to the game, in the upcoming DLC. But which Predator? None other than Dutch himself. This was kind of expected since the entire game got its inspiration from the original Predator movie. Dutch has made no public appearance in the last four decades, and this is gonna prove to be a huge deal for the game.

The game will offer you a free update in which you will be told about the story of Dutch, and where he had been all these years. The story will be told in a series of voice tapes and you will keep unlocking them as you level up. The developers intend to keep your undying curiosity till the very end. But you will only be able to play with Dutch after buying a DLC. Dutch will not make an entrance alone, but he will bring in his melee knife and Hammer Head rifle along.

As exciting as the news is to the gaming community, things are even better back at the developers. Jared Gerritzen, Chief Creative Officer at IIIFonic, took it to the PlayStation Blog and shared his experiences of recording with Arnold Schwarzenegger. He mentioned it that this had to be the biggest and most memorable milestone in his career so far. He mentioned his love for the original Predator movie, and how excited he was to further its storyline in their game.

the game got off on the wrong foot with the gaming community, but it looks like we became the judge of the game a little too early. Jared Gerritzen further told us that there will be more DLCs in the coming months, and each one of them will be revealing exciting new additions to the game. They have started with Dutch, God knows what else they have in mind.

As far as we know, Predator: Hunting Grounds is not just any other action game right now, but it’s a sequel to the Predator movie. If I don’t play it for the sake of taking down some enemies in the co-op multiplayer, I would definitely play it to get up to speed on Dutch’s story. Fingers stay crossed for the 26th of May!