Railway Empire: Switch Edition Review—one of the best game for trains and simulator lovers
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By Admin - June 23, 2020

Railway Empire is a strategy, tycoon, and simulation genre game aimed at creating a railway network. The game is developed by Gaming Minds Studios. It was developed by the Kalypso Media Group. Railway Empire was available on multiple platforms already like PS4, PC, and Xbox One but the game developers have now released a version of it for the Nintendo Switch console. The game released on 19th of June 2020 and it is recently priced at $40 on various gaming E-stores.

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One thing that disappoints in these scenarios is the absence of any continuation of the task from some already-achieved progress. If you fail to complete the task by even a small amount of work, it would take you to the main menu and you will have to try all of it again. Another feature, if added would a great addition. If the player fails to complete a scenario one time, he/she should be then given some real-time tips and tricks so that they can accomplish the task on their next trials. An increase in completion time will be well appreciated.

Conclusively, Railway Empire is a fun game to play. If you connect your Nintendo Switch to a television, it provides a more immersive experience for the game. Having the portability trait for Switch is amazing for this game. If you have previously played train games like Transport Fever 2 or Cities Skylines, you will definitely like it. From the Cities Skylines, Railway Empire has the edge for the management of rails, trains, stations, passing loops, etc. It has a lot of resemblance to Transport Fever 2 but it is without any other vehicle options. Some of the text in this game was miniature and players with eyesight issues could have problems reading it. The story mode is very enjoyable and is very good for time pass as you will play for hours and wouldn’t notice it. Game developers have announced some downloadable content for the game including a map of the UK which will be a heck of fun to play. If you are simulator lovers and want some nice gameplay with good graphics, it will be a good choice for you for sure.