Reasons To Visit Auckland, New Zealand At Least Once In Your Life
By Ariella Jacobs - November 23, 2021

Auckland, New Zealand is a place everyone should experience. It’s New Zealand’s largest city and has a lot to offer. This city usually gets lost in the crowd with other popular cities like Sydney or Byron Bay, but you’ll want to give this city a chance. By digging deeper under the surface, you’ll be able to find gems you would have otherwise ignored.  But with so many different tourist attractions, it would be hard to give up a trip to this beautiful city. It’s unique in that it spans across two coasts, one on the east coast with white sand beaches on the Pacific Ocean, and the other to the west with black sand wilderness on the Tasman Sea. To get the most out of this city, it’s easiest to rent a car, remain in the inner city suburbs and the coastline. If Auckland lacks natural wonders, it definitely makes up for it with handmade sightseeing attractions. We’ve compiled some of the most famous and travel-worthy places this city has to offer.

Getty Images/Moment/Steve Clancy Photography

Aucklanders and tourists alike love to visit Waiheke Island. It would be enough to visit just to view this amazing place. It has relaxing white-sand beaches and adventure activities. To get to this magical spot, you can take the 40-minute scenic route across the Hauraki Coast. You can also enjoy galleries and art walks as you stroll the area. In addition to Waiheke Island, Auckland is also the perfect place for adrenaline junkies. Bungy jumpers can get their thrill from the Sky Tower and Harbour Bridge, or you can visit the west coast for canyoning and hiking. As if that wasn’t enough, you can also enjoy mountain biking, motorbike tours, and sea kayaking. If you want something more laid back, you can always experience the vast art of the city. The Auckland Art Gallery has some of New Zealand’s largest collection of Maori treasures. There’s also graffiti art and walls that have transformed into mural canvases that gain a lot of traction.

We can’t forget about the food scene. Auckland has some of the country’s best food spots. While Wellington may name itself the coffee and foodie capital of the country, Auckland restaurants are highly admired. The Sid at The French Cafe is one such example that has received many awards locally as well as internationally. After grabbing something to eat, you can take a stroll through their variety of parks, nature reserves, botanic gardens, beaches, and even dormant volcanoes. There is always something to see. There also isn’t a shortage of wildlife to explore. At the Hauraki Gulf, dolphins, whales, penguins, and native birds are just a few of the different species you might get a chance to see on your travels. If you ever get the chance to visit Auckland, New Zealand, the best months to visit are from March to May, as well as from September to November. These months have perfect sunny weather and are also a great time without a flood of tourists.