Resident Evil 3 Remake
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By Admin - April 18, 2020

Do you like getting them heebie-jeebies? Do you think you have the stomach for dark alleys, screams, torture, stress, trauma, sufferings and the suspense of some biologically transformed beast waiting for you around the corner, ready to be all over you within seconds? if so, then be ready to have your heart thumping louder than ever with the Capcom’s latest thriller, the Resident Evil 3.

A trip down the memory lane

the Capcom started its journey with the Resident Evil 3, in 1999. The game was originally named as Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, and initially it was available only on the PlayStation platform. About a year later the game came out for the Sega Dreamcast, and it took another three years for the game to be available on the Nintendo GameCube. Resident Evil 3: Nemesis was the third sequel to the Resident Evil series and depicted an environment of a biological warfare, where the man character, Jill Valentine, tries to make an escape from a city that is in the grasps of a biological weapon.
With all the ninety’s hits getting a remake, Capcom has also stepped into the game and have come out with a remake of the Resident Evil 3, earlier this month. If you are an Xbox fan or belong to the PC master race, there are high chances that you have kept some grudge in your heart for the last two decades. But this time, fear not, for the Capcom has got you covered. The deviously horror remake of the game will be available on all major platforms: PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

What to expect from this remake?

After staying in production for almost three years, and being announced in 2019, the game came out on 3rd April, 2020. The game has been developed using the RE engine and, unlike its predecessor, the game offers a third-person shooter gameplay. The original game came out with fixed camera angles, and used tank controls, which will not be the case for the remake. Do you think Capcom took two decades for just this? You are wrong, and the list does not end here! Off all the major changes, the Resident Evil 3 remake will also feature a multiplayer mode, that will be offered within the game package, known as the Resident Evil: Resistance. This multiplayer mode will put a team of four players on the map with a common enemy.

Resident Evil 3 has come a long way!

Even though the game is based on the same concept as that of the original Resident Evil 3, the developer could not have waited for such a long period of time to come out with a similar ninety’s game, hence there are considerable differences between two generations of this game

  • The remake has an improved storyline, gameplay, and graphics
  • The classic villain of Nemesis is bigger, its more intelligent, and it is more ferocious than ever
  • Carlos is not just a background character anymore, but it is back with a more crucial role in the storyline.
  • Be ready to see them over-inflated balloon headed characters, for the bobbleheads have been introduced to the game
  • Is it getting too scary? It is alright, because the game has been equipped with a flashlight to make your gaming experience slightly less scary.
  • There will be newer outfit themes available for Jill and Carlos
  • Shooting will never be more fun! The people at Capcom have added a new in-game weapon mod that will help you customize your favorite weapon for a better shooting experience
  • Dying is always frustrating, but not need to pull your hair out. The remake will allow you to restart your game from your saved checkpoints, in case you die.

Get ready to rumble!

As interesting and adrenaline-rushed it sounds, the game is not so simple. The game will have your hands trembling around your controller and the have the sweat dripping on your RGB keyboard. To make your gaming experience comparatively easier, we bring you this walkthrough so you could make the best out of this remake.

This is where you begin!

The opening scene of the game is set in Jill’s room. Once you wake up, the first thing you think about is opening the window, however, keeping the window open or closed will have much significant impact on your game progress. Next, you move into the bathroom to observe a cutscene. In the following scene, you come across a board and a desk, located between the two is a switch that turns on the light. There are a total of four documents present in the room, one of which is in the cabinet, located to the left of the board. The message from a colleague is present on a pizza box, that is placed in the opposite direction of the cabinet. Afterwards, you will receive a phone call which you will have to answer. This will be followed by a cutscene. In the next scene, you will find the camera above the Nemesis, who is by then, following you. all you have to do is keep a lookout for the windows and fire exits for the escape.
In the next scene, you will find yourself following Brad into a bar, and then there will be another cutscene. After the cutscene, turn around the corner and take hold of a gun from the body. Even though you have a gun, the zombies will outperform you in case you decide to fight, therefore, make an escape. While escaping the zombies, you will come across a sign, blocking your way. The only way to escape is to move underneath it. Once you are under the sign, go left at the bus and through the door. There would be shotgun ammo by the door that might be useful to you.
later, call the elevator. There would be zombies in the elevator. You can either shoot them, or you can just let them pass and wait for the elevator again. The elevator will take you to a rooftop with a helicopter waiting for you. cutscene follows once you climb up on the elevator.

Are we in the Subway Station yet?

In the next scene you will come across Carlos, but before you join him, take a stroll out of the Subway to find two stands to your right. There will be a bobblehead figure between them, lying on the ground. Move back inside the subway station to meet Mikhail. There will be U.B.C.S. Ammo Crafting Guide lying just outside on a bench, just outside the train; pick that up. As you move upstairs, pick up the Tabloid Front Page from the newsstand that you will find on your way. The last room that you will come across in the subway station is the safe room. This safe room contains a typewriter, item box, locked box, and the U.B.C.S. Herb Field Manual.

Putting out the fire is not that difficult!

After exploring the Saferoom, head out into the streets and walk through the only path that is available. Doing so, you will come out into an open area and find a closed Toy Store. The store, again has a yellow lock, but do not lose hope. The Toy store also contains another bobblehead and a fancy box that contains the jewels. You will also find a supermarket in the vicinity. There is another fancy box in the supermarket.
Unable to do anything about the locks, keep walking down the road for another cutscene. In the next scene, you will come across a fence that will soon be broken down by the zombies. At this point, you will be given a choice to follow a path of your own choice, hence, go upstairs and take a left. However, if you decide to take a right, that too has a lot of surprises for you. To the left, there is a safe, which could be opened with the combination “9L-3R-7L”. Next to the safe is a “Drugstore Owner’s Journal”. In case you want more bobbleheads to shoot, look out for the shelf in the middle of the room.

Heading out into the “Kite Bros Subway Building”, you will find a corridor with a fire hose. The Subway Employee’s Memo and the Shotgun are contained within the office, however, to unlock to the shotgun you will need a bolt cutter. You thought Lock Pick has caused enough trouble already? Well, there is another locker that requires the Lock Pick for opening it.

Let us not forget that the basic issue at hand is that of the burning alley. Head back and Use the Fire Hose for extinguishing the burning fire. Once done, head on to the next building and find another Safe Room along with a Locked Locker and the Bolt Cutters. use Bolt Cutters to open the chained door nearby. You can use this bolt cutter to open all the other chain locks that you have encountered on your way here.

Pump some life into the train

As you move into the next room, you run into Nicholai, who is not very amused to see you. Nicholai has shot a person, pick up the Training Log from his corpse and walk outside. You will run into a dead-end towards the right, here you will find the U.B.B.S Suicide Note. Walk to the left to pick up the Electrician’s Notice.

As you move into the next alley, you will be confronted by some dogs. Locate a generator nearby and shoot it to create a distraction.

Afterwards, enter the power substation and move to the first floor. Here you will find another Locked Locker.

Now, move to the second floor. Here you will find a Safe Room and inside that Safe Room, there will be a Hip Pouch and Fax from Substation Chief.

You will also find green herbs on a shelf downstairs, grab em! You will find another Corpse and this one will finally provide you with a Lock Pic.
Now that you have the Lock Pick, use it to open the power substation lock door and find the Substation Internal Memo inside. You will get infected by a spider and this is where the green herb comes in handy; use the green herb immediately. you will now find Chad’s Notes on a scaffolding, in the tunnel. Activate all four of the generators and head back to the Safe Room.
As you move back towards the Kite Bros Subway Office, Nemesis starts to chase you again. Here it is up to you, you can either make a run for it, or finish him for the time being! The train power comes back on after you solve a puzzle. The solution to the puzzle is , “RE 01 – FA 02 – RA 03 – SA 02 – FO 01”

Ahh, the Sewer’s Smell

once the power is back on and you move back to the Subway Station, Nemesis pops back up. He just doesn’t let go of you? does he? This time Nemesis is back a few tricks up his pocket. He starts converting zombies into monsters who are now capable of grabbing your head. Once again, two same two strategies can be applied, fight or flight.
Look for a Sewer’s Map in the Sewer’s Safe Room. Gone are the days where the most basic necessity was a Lock Pic, now you need a Battery Pack. The door consists of an Increased Sewer Security.

The door cannot be opened, so slide down to the Sewer’s lower level and continue until you come across a road split. To the left, you will find the Gamma Hunters, keep your distance from them and wait for them to open their mouths. Fire grenades into their open mouth to take them down. Walk to the end of the path to locate a second Safe Room. Inside that Saferoom, there is MGL Grenade Launcher, Invoice from Gun Shop Kendo and Research Assistant’s Log.

Head back, being cautious of the Gamma Hunters. There will be a waterfall of wastewater on your right. When you go through it you will come across the file Sewer Worker’s Notes. Head back, and up the ladder. Here you will find the Battery Pack Now.

Unlock the door with the Battery Pack. Do not forget to take your Battery Pack back because you will come across another door that will require a Battery pack to open inside that door is a Hip Pouch.

Well…is it good, is it bad?

The remake of the Resident Evil 3 is, perhaps, amongst the best in all of the Resident Evil Series. The game stands at an eighty percent rating on Metacritic. The game has its players emotionally attached to it. The game is almost twenty years old. Even though changes have been made for the betterment of the game, it has been developed in a way to keep in the classic touch. This means that the game enjoys a lot of tricks and tactics from the nineties and who so ever is playing the game, needs to keep this in mind. The game was never meant to be developed to compete with all the modern era games with complex storylines. the only thing that the game has to it, is an emotional attachment.
Certainly, a lot of the features have been improved. The graphics are way better than the original pixelated Resident Evil: Nemesis. But the basic question that stands out is that is the game worth buying? If you are nineties kid and you have enjoyed playing the Resident Evil 3: Nemesis about twenty years ago, you will not find a better opportunity than this to play a better version of the game that made your childhood. However, this does not mean that someone who has not played the original version of the game will not enjoy it. Go ahead and play this masterpiece of a game without any delay. Happy gaming!