Resolutiion Nintendo Switch Review—a stroll through a peculiar world
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By Admin - May 31, 2020

Resolutiion is an embodiment of peculiarness. And this is not even an exaggeration. You will realize this as soon as you spawn into the game. It took me some time to figure out what the game actually is, and what is it that I am after. This becomes even more challenging when the game offers you no tutorial at all. To be very honest, the game has rendered me confused, I cannot really decide how I feel about this game.

The first thing that you will notice as the game pops up are the 8-bit graphics. But this does not mean that developers have gone cheap with the graphics. The colors are extremely vivid, the characters fit in well with the overall theme of the game. Graphics play an important role in giving this game its character. The characters feel like vector shapes, but they give them a fragile and, yet, a masculine feel at the same time. The color combinations are not something you will usually see in a game of this genre, but then again, they make the game stand out.

You play as Valor, and it seems as if murder is its middle name. You are not alone but accompanied by an AI partner called Alibii. Valor has lost all of its memory, and Alibii is helping this ex-assassin to reconstruct its memory. Other than that, Valor knows just one skill through the entire game, and that is how to kill! You proceed through the game, come across enemies, spill some blood, and move on. This is all that there is to the game.

However, the game is quite challenging. This is partly because the game lacks proper tutorials. The bosses that you come across will challenge your gaming skills beyond your comprehension. They will attack you from anywhere and everywhere and you will not see them coming. The game has no levels, there is just this one huge single level that you progress through the entire gameplay. Hence, if you come across a challenging boss fight, you will have no other option but to fight it through, no matter how many attempts it takes. But the game does side with you at some points. You are free to save the game at any point and in case you fall victim to your enemies you can begin at that checkpoint again without losing any progress.

As impressive as the map of the game looks, it’s difficult navigating through it without hitting a dead end. There are no clues anywhere, and you are left at the hands of your luck to find the right path. Even then you are in a consistent dilemma if you are on the right path or not. Can’t really call it a challenging aspect to the game, it slightly weighs into the frustration side.

The soundtrack of the game does not only fit in perfectly with the genre of the game, but it also keeps you up an about. The beat keeps changing as you proceed through the game, encounter enemies, come across near-death experiences, and so on.

Monolith of Minds has done a wonderful job with this title. It offers an entirely different gaming experience and the uncertainty of the game keeps you playing until you find answers. At times the game does take a challenging twist such that you start getting frustrated, but it all pays off once you lay your enemies to rest and go on exploring this enchanted world!