Safety Tips For Solo Travelers
By Ariella Jacobs - September 13, 2022

Staying safe should be the priority of solo travelers. Here are a few safety tips for solo travelers. The first thing to do when solo traveling is to research where you are going. Learn about the places you need to avoid and places that are safe. Having a little knowledge of where you are going will help you choose accommodations with good safety ratings. Keep your door locked with the security chain fastened after you have checked in, and do not answer the door to any stranger or if you are not expecting anyone.

Getty Images/Moment/Mayur Kakade

Also, share your travel plans with trusted relatives or friends and stay connected with them. Ensure that your smartphone has roaming capabilities where you are going and keep in touch while on the road. Before any solo excursion, let the hotel staff know where you are going and when you will be back. Secure important valuables like money, passport, and credit card in a safe bag you can access anytime and never let the bag out of your sight. Have photocopies of important documents like a passport in case it gets missing and it is advisable to also leave a copy with someone at home before traveling. You can also have an online copy of your documents to feel safer. Never give your passport to anyone, and do not use it as a deposit.

Avoid reckless actions and use your senses. Do not over-indulge in alcohol, avoid going anywhere alone with a stranger, pay attention to your surroundings when walking or driving, walk in public places, try to blend with people and trust your instinct, and always listen to your intuition. Learn emergency phrases in the local language in case of emergency. Research police stations and hospitals around the place you will be staying. Pack your prescribed medications alongside face masks and sanitizers. Research the food and water; are they suitable for consumption? Schedule your arrival during the day so that you can see the environment you are staying. Lastly, get travel insurance. It will protect you from unforeseen situations.