Sea of Thieves receives another monthly update
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By Admin - May 28, 2020

Your favorite online pirate fantasy game has been out for quite a while now, and I believe you have gotten your hands dirty by plundering numerous vessels up till now. However, to give you more Jack Sparrow feels, Rare has popped with its monthly game update. The Lost Treasure update comes with its on set of activities. Here is all that you need to know about the new update.

There are new Tall Tales

The Seabound Soul and Heart of Fire, are two new addition to the already existing nine Tall Tales. As exciting as the narratives are that give you insight on prominent people and places, the new update allows you to set the scene for each tale. The new addition of tooltips present in the map helps you play the game at your own pace.

New daily rewards

Most of the online games try and keep you addicted by offering several daily rewards, motivating you to log in and play every day. Similar updates have been brought to Sea of Thieves’ as well. Now there are several challenges waiting for you in the New Messages for you to complete and earn a bounty. These challenges are not just for earning gold, but they also add to the suspense of the game. You never know what next challenge might ask you to and what skills would it require. Do you have what it takes to finish those challenges? Update your game to find out.

You can participate in new events

The update is bringing new events that you can participate at the end of each weak, just to make your sea adventures a little more adventurous. Fort Night event will be available every Friday, and The Hunter’s Haul fishing event makes a return. Get your fishing lines in order, and improve your arm game for you are in for a challenge.