Seems like future astronauts will be stalking up urine for future lunar exploration missions
By Admin - May 24, 2020

Every single leading economy in the world is raging towards lunar explorations, and scientists predict that there might be full-blown colonies on the Moon in the near future.

Amongst all the important resources that are crucial for survival, astronauts will require some construction material to set up their base camps. The possible material that could be used to build these base camps is geomolymer. Geomolymer does not only have great tensile strength, but it can also block cosmic radiations. While figuring out ways to make this strong material even more strong, scientists realized that this could be done using urea. The only urea source one can think of on the Moon is human urine.

Hence, urine is proving to be one of the most important resources up in the Moon. There are still confusions regarding the amount of urea that would be required for survival. Certainly, there will not be a lot of astronauts walking on the Moon initially. Scientists are now trying to brainstorm other urea sources on the Moon since human urine might not be able to fulfill the demand.

Human urine would prove to be one of the most crucial resources for lunar exploration, who would have thought?