Selecting The Best Earbuds
Tech News
By Ariella Jacobs - October 13, 2022

Anyone who owns a smartphone should also have good wireless earbuds. We can all agree that although wireless earbuds are a vital accessory that enhances the use of your device, there are so many variations available that finding the right pair can be difficult. We identified a pair ideal for all your demands, whether you’re searching for an inexpensive alternative or a pair that will offer you some extra incentive when you’re working out or want to tune out your surroundings.

No matter what you plan to use them for, wireless earbuds should generally be stylish, comfortable, water-resistant, and able to produce enjoyable music. When looking for new earbuds, try to stay within your budget and look for a pair with a sturdy build, a snug fit, a long-lasting battery, and good audio quality (including during calls). If we’re being honest, most earbuds’ sound quality and noise cancellation are usually closely correlated with their pricing. Therefore, investing more money in a top-shelf product will unavoidably result in better sound. These affordable options will keep you occupied and entertained if you control your expectations. A good set of wireless earbuds must be water resistant, with an IPX4 rating becoming the bare minimum for a device to be considered. The headset will be more robust the higher the grade.

You should think about earbuds that can withstand exposure to dust and water if you enjoy exercising outside. Since the battery life of true wireless earbuds has significantly increased over the years, even a cheap pair will keep you occupied for a minimum of six hours (or more) between charges. Regardless of price, all earbuds include a USB-C port as the industry standard for charging. On the other hand, you can anticipate a case that works with wireless charging when you buy high-end goods. Other crucial factors to take into account include noise suppression and app-enabled accessories. Thankfully, both are available in affordable wireless earphones for under $100. Since this feature was previously only available as part of expensive services, it is fair to say this is a significant deal.