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How to Speed Up a Slow iPhone

Apple’s iPhone line-up has been getting popularity over the years and one of the best reasons is that iPhone devices offer a smooth and reliable user experience. Hence, if your iPhone is not running as quickly and smoothly as it once did, don’t fret. There are always some tricks that can help you to speed up a slow iPhone.

There are a few things you can do right now to boost the speed of your handsetand they won’t cost you a cent. These tips and tricks are particularly important for people who are using older iPhones such as iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 5 and 4 etc. – all of the new features in the latestiOSupdates bring a drawback that can really slow older models down. If you want to earn some bucks, you can sell your mobile online at some of the most famous recycling websites.

10 Useful Tips and Tricks That Will Speed Up a Slow iPhone

Here are 10 tips and tricks that you should not miss if you are experiencing a slow iPhone device. These tricks will obviously make your iPhone work better!

  1. Reboot Your iPhone Device

If you find yourself with a slow iPhone, you can simply reboot it to make its performance better.

How to do it?To reboot an iPhone, Press and hold down the Home button and Power button at the same time until you see the Apple Logo on the screen. Now your handset will get rebooted.

  1. Remove Junk Files and Free Up Some Space

If your iPhone tends to run slower, you can restore its high performance by deleting apps, photos, videos, and other files you no longer need. iOS 11 offers a few new tools to help you get rid of junk files and regain some storage space.

How to do it?Simply go to Settings App, then General and tap “Storage &iCloud Usage and select”, and then select Manage Storage. It might take a second to load but you will be able to see which Apps, photos, messages and other files are taking up the most space on your handset. Then, you can enable Offload Unused Apps, iCloud Photo library, and Auto-delete old conversations to save storage.

  1. Choose the Reduce Motion Option

If you are using an older iPhone like iPhone 4 or 5, latest iOS may run slightly slower on your handset. Hence, there is a tip you can follow to speed it up again.

How to do it?Open Settings App, then General, and then Scroll down and select Accessibility, and then tap on Reduce Motion and turn it ON.



  1. Clear Your Browser’s History

To speed up your iPhone device, you can treat it like a computer and remove the browser’s cache, cookies and data.

How to do it?Launch Settings App, open Safari (or whatever browser you use), and then tap on “Clear History” and “Clear Cookies and Data.”


5) Delete All Old Messages

You can free upyour iPhone device by deleting old chats that you no longer want.

How to do it? With latest iOS, you can go to Settings, then Messages and tap “Keep Messages”. On that screen, you can select 30 Days or 1 Year which one you like. These options will delete your older messages and in the result enhance your iPhone’s performance.

6) Turn Off Auto App Updates

Like many other iPhone users, you would also love to enjoy new and exciting features by getting app updates. But if your main concern is speed and performance of your beloved iPhone, it’s better to disable auto updates.

How to do it?Open Settings App and then choose “iTunes & App Store”. Then,you have to push all the buttons to the left todisable the automatic App downloads.

7) Turn Off Location Services

This is a veryuseful trick not just for speed, but also for privacy and battery life. So many apps use location services to identify where you are and it’s usually not necessary. So, you can turn off location services and keep your iPhone device speed at its best level.

How to do it? Launch Settings App, then privacy and then tap “Location Services”. From there, you can select to turn it off for some certain apps or simply turn it off completely.



 8) Disable Background App Refresh

If you have so many apps installed on your iPhone device and now experiencing a slow handset, then you should go for Background App Refresh option to disable the animations. The reason is that it can slow down your iPhone and also cause battery drain.

How to do it? Go to Settings App, then General, and select Background App Refresh. You can simply disable the feature altogether or individually select what apps can refresh data in the background.



9) Clear the Cache from Built-in Apps

Cache files are the files that keep the data saved so that an app can easily access that data next time without looking for it. However, large caches can make your iPhone device slow, therefore, you should clear the cache of built-in apps.

How to do it?Simply find the folder that contains App’s cache using the junk tab bar on the bottom menu and then tap on the Clean Up Cache Button. It will remove all temporary files from pre-installed apps.

  1. Reset Your iPhone Device

It means you have to delete everything from your iPhone to restore its performance same as the new one. So, if you have experienced many of above-mentioned tips to speed up your device but still your phone is slow, then you can fully rest your iPhone.

How to do it? Simply launch Settings App, then General, choose “Reset” and then tap on “Erase All Content and Settings.” It will delete each and everything to restore your iPhone in a scratch form. Don’t forget to create a backup of data.

A Must-Know Tip! If you have followed all above tips but still experiencing that your iPhone is not working smooth, then you should consider selling it and buy the latest model. Yes, selling an old iPhone is a wise idea to get rid of a handset that is not satisfying your needs.

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